Tangoe Releases Atlas, Invigorates Customer Base with Roadmap

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Publication date: July 2018 The annual Tangoe User Conference, or Tangoe LIVE, took place in May 2018 and featured the official launch of Tangoe Atlas – the main key to Tangoe’s strategy. Tangoe Atlas is the latest SaaS platform from a vendor that has collected about 20 different platforms over the years through various acquisitions. Over the next two years, Tangoe intends to move all customers to one of three TEM systems – Tangoe Atlas, Tangoe Asentinel or Tangoe Rivermine – and then, within five years, have everyone using Tangoe Atlas.

California’s Consumer Privacy Act: What It Means for Your Organization?

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On June 28, California Governor Jerry Brown signed the California Consumer Privacy Act. It's a a sweeping bill that gives consumers more protection and control over their personal data online, into law. The law requires that companies tell users what personal data they’ve collected, why as how it was used or sold to, upon request [...]

AOTMP Q3 Research Agenda Announced

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AOTMP Research and its Blue Hill Research division have many new reports planned for 2018’s third quarter. We’re pleased to bring you topics that continue to guide vendors and enterprises in their mutual quest to support and serve as, respectively, telecom / mobility / technology management Centers of Excellence. The next quarter promises to be [...]

The 4 Questions to Ask During a Training Needs Analysis

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How do you know your telecom team needs a training needs analysis? Like everything else in an enterprise, you can’t have a gut feeling. You need an analysis or a systematic approach to determine who needs it and what they need. Here are four questions that your analysis must answer: What are the desired outcomes? [...]

3 Tips for Team Performance Optimization for Enterprises

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What are the secrets to telecom management team across all areas of the telecom, mobility and IT environment? Before you answer this critical question about team performance optimization, you should consider how things have changed with digital transformation. First, how do you define Digital Transformation? It’s a bit of a buzzword and may have several [...]

The Keys to Measuring Telecom Management Team Performance

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When I ask enterprises about how they measure telecom/IT management performance, many of them will tell me cost savings is the primary metric in which performance is assessed. Although cost savings is important, this metric is not a true indicator of overall telecom management performance. In our world, there are several factors that significantly influence [...]

Your Enterprise Data Might Need Object-Based Storage

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Making the move toward digital transformation means including more solutions that generate and capture data into your business operations mix. Having the ability to harness the power of that data to make real-time decisions about your business will be crucial to the success of your company in the coming decades. From increasing mobility platform use [...]

Industry Council Spotlight – June 2018

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SPOTLIGHT—JUNE 2018 What is the Industry Council? The AOTMP Industry Council is comprised of global telecom, mobility, and technology management thought leaders and professionals exploring opportunities to advance the telecom management industry. Our vision for the Industry Council Do you have a trusted telecom/IT peer who you talk with [...]

[Webinar Recording] GDPR – What You Don’t Know WILL Harm Your Business

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Learn about GDPR compliance requirements and get tips for developing an action plan to keep your business from being fined. Missed the event? Watch the recording.