Analyst Perspective: What is a Smart City Today and How Should It Be Managed?

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Publication date: September 2018 The future of technology distracts from the technology being deployed today. This report explores the technologies in use now in cities across the world that bring connectivity and real-time solutions to age-old problems. Whether to facilitate easier parking or more fun, cities are adapting their infrastructure to support the connected world. This report further speaks to telecom management considerations, including best practices, as smart cities take hold.

Analyst Perspective: Is Mobility as a Service Right for Your Enterprise? Assessing the Capex vs. Opex Proposition

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Publication date: September 2018 For some organizations, relying on third parties to provide all aspects of mobility management makes financial and strategic sense. But how is an enterprise to know whether mobility as a service is the right choice? Sometimes pulling from the operating expenses budget is not the most prudent choice. This report provides opex vs. capex and other evaluation points so organizations can manage their mobile environments as effectively as possible.

Market Landscape: TEM Market Landscape 2018

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Publication Date: August 2018 AOTMP Research & Advisory’s 2018 TEM Market Landscape highlights the top problems organizations want to solve now and over the next few years, and the vendors whose capabilities they say provide the best match. This report does not rank vendors. Enterprises will want to use the information to assess current, and any pending, choices; vendors will want to evaluate their strengths against the competition and gauge possible areas of opportunity.

Analyst Perspective: The Biggest Risk to Enterprise Cybersecurity? The Employee

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Publication Date: July 2018 Cybersecurity remains a top challenge for enterprises. After all, network and mobility management only go so far in their ability to plug holes and prevent data leaks. Building on The Breaches Prove It: Enterprises Have a Long Way to Go on Mobile Security, this report looks at the biggest risk enterprises face: employees.

Analyst Perspective: ITAD: The Mobile Asset Black Hole and How to Fix It

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Publication Date: July 2018 This report discusses ways the telecom management department should exert full control over the end-of-life processes within the business, and the measures to take to ensure device security from end to end. ITAD providers have evolved to process this old equipment, but getting it to that point poses the bulk of the challenge for organizations.

The Interconnect Between Personal and Business: What We’re Connecting to, Why and Ways to Reduce Risk to the Organization

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News seems to break every day that yet another digital security breach has hit another unsuspecting enterprise, whether by hack or human error. It’s clear that organizations of all types – and perhaps especially those focused on mobile endpoints – have a long way to go when it comes to security. After all, there’s a direct connection between personal and business devices and that affects the enterprise’s security. This short report addresses the gaps and provides guidance for organizations working to shore up management of their fixed and mobile security practices.

Tangoe Releases Atlas, Invigorates Customer Base with Roadmap

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Publication date: July 2018 The annual Tangoe User Conference, or Tangoe LIVE, took place in May 2018 and featured the official launch of Tangoe Atlas – the main key to Tangoe’s strategy. Tangoe Atlas is the latest SaaS platform from a vendor that has collected about 20 different platforms over the years through various acquisitions. Over the next two years, Tangoe intends to move all customers to one of three TEM systems – Tangoe Atlas, Tangoe Asentinel or Tangoe Rivermine – and then, within five years, have everyone using Tangoe Atlas.

Analyst Perspective: Managing the Evolution of Mobile App Dev Platforms to Cloud-Driven MAD

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This report provides information for, and analysis of, enterprise-side perspectives and expectations regarding existing and emerging ecosystems for mobile app development. It targets enterprise priorities for mobile app services and capabilities and adds actionable insight into enterprises’ understanding of agile app development in the following areas: mobility, micro apps, no- and low -code approaches, and the move to cloud-based ecosystems for delivery.

Analyst Perspective: Establishing a Baseline for Cybersecurity Management in the Enterprise

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Attacks can come in various forms: simple but costly business disruption; identity and technology theft; industrial espionage and more. Old security tools no longer work. This report considers whether cloud-based security offers the right path to replacing the old tools.

Analyst Perspective: Assessing Which Mobile Devices Enterprises Use the Most, and Why

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An enterprise’s corporate mobility strategy impacts every aspect of EMM, from security protocols to app development to devices.