AOTMP Research—Cimpl Whitepaper

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The number and variation of responsibilities facing telecom, mobility, and technology management professionals continue to grow. No longer does the job surround only fixed and mobile networks – now it includes IT, cloud, unified communications, the onboarding and offboarding of employees and more. In other words, technology management demands more expertise than ever before. These constant changes put the onus on the enterprise to team with a technology management vendor that evolves as quickly as, if not faster than, the customer. After all, the issue is not solely about saving money – rather, it is about encompassing and managing the enterprise’s digital footprint, especially as it grows and transforms. Partnering with such a vendor accomplishes a couple of important aims. Download this whitepaper to learn how Cimpl helps Businesses Manage the Enterprise Digital Footprint. As the company extends capabilities into the U.S., it’s touting its message that it goes far beyond just telecom expense management.

GSG Surges Ahead with Sakon – An AOTMP/Sakon Whitepaper

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Now more than ever, the CIO must innovate while maintaining operational excellence – and continue to adhere to budgetary and practical constraints. Cloud spending is increasing and business transformation is accelerating rapidly. All of these trends call for expert, experienced guidance. This whitepaper by AOTMP introduces Sakon, their applications, and what they do.

Analyst Insight: Digital Transformation and the Near-Term Futures of TEM and MMS

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The TEM and MMS markets are rapidly becoming critical to enterprises mobility and telecom management. In other words, as both AOTMP Research and Blue Hill Research, a division of AOTMP, underscored in 2017, the same tools that drive TEM are necessary for managing entire IT departments and operations. TEM is evolving into IT Expense [...]

Telecom/Mobility/Technology Management Ecosystem: 2018 Market Landscape

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This 2018 Telecom/Mobility/Technology Market Landscape report highlights key trends influencing the performance and efficiency of the telecom, mobility, and technology management ecosystem. It further provides analyst recommendations for implementing and negotiating change that will improve overall outcomes through telecom management. Read an excerpt of this market landscape today. If you are interested in purchasing or sponsoring this landscape, please contact us or connect with a live agent now.

Analyst Insight: Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality in an IoT-Dominated World

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This report targets the emerging world of virtual reality (VR). It does so by placing VR within the context of already existing enterprise augmented reality solutions, as well as by providing an understanding of “mixed” reality – a new term that bridges the gap between AR and VR. The report also provides insight into [...]

News and Notes from AOTMP Research and Blue Hill Research

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Welcome to 2018, a year that will bring great transformation in the technology, IT and telecom sectors. As part of that evolution, AOTMP Research has acquired Blue Hill Research, a well-known and highly respected research house. Together AOTMP Research and Blue Hill are expanding coverage far beyond traditional focal points to specialize in the following [...]