Analyst Perspective: TEM Deployment Models: What Are the Trends?

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Telecom management vendors offer different ways to deploy their products – through technology-only, host-and-load, managed services, full business-process outsourcing, and so on. This Analyst Perspective report explores the various models and also dives into what enterprises are doing the most. That way, their peers can compare and contrast approaches and best practices and figure out whether they need to make adjustments.

Analyst Perspective: Use Cases in How Telecom/IT Impact the Business

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This report contains real-life examples of how telecom, mobility and technology impact the business and drive overall revenue. One key example comes from the airline sector where many brands have replaced paper instructions for passengers with mobile counterparts. Companies save millions of dollars on paper costs as a result and benefit from mobility’s ease of use as a result. The report further discusses the impact of use cases and their evolution and the critical role of the telecom/mobility/technology management department in championing such change.

Market Landscape: Enterprise Telecom/Mobility/Technology Environments Market Landscape

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This Market Landscape report evaluates how enterprises are faring with some of the 30 core telecom management activities laid out in the Efficiency First® Framework. Enterprises and vendors should use this research to determine their status, and adopt and align to, respectively, proven best practices that elevate the telecom/mobility/technology management industry.

Analyst Perspective: EMM: Balancing Corporate and BYOD Strategies

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The mobility management department must strike the right balance between corporate and BYOD strategies. Influenced by the consumer market, and driven by user behavior, the enterprise must land on the right policies that enable employees while protecting the organization. Shadow IT, rising hardware costs and the never-ending race to achieve high user satisfaction will keep the issue of balance at the top of the enterprise initiative list in 2018 and beyond.

Analyst Insight: The Cybersecurity Pain Points of Today’s Enterprise Ecosystems – Is Cloud-Based Security the Answer?

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Attacks can come in various forms: simple but costly business disruption; identity and technology theft; industrial espionage and more. Old security tools no longer work. This report considers whether cloud-based security offers the right path to replacing the old tools.

Analyst Perspective: The Evolution of Mobile App Dev Platforms to Cloud-Driven MAD

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This independent, third-party survey project will provide in-depth information and analysis of enterprises’ perspectives on and expectations for organizations’ mobile app development ecosystems – both existing and emerging. The survey will highlight enterprise priorities for mobile app services and capabilities. It will also offer actionable insight into enterprises’ understanding of agile app development, relative to [...]