Analyst Perspective: So You Want a TEM: Landmines to Avoid When Selecting a TEM for Your Business

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Publication date: October 2018 No single TEM vendor offers the best solution for all enterprises because TEM vendors, like enterprises, are unique. Selecting a TEM vendor by matching features and benefits with business requirements is critical to sustainable relationship success. Focusing on business requirements and the delivery capabilities of vendors will yield fruitful results. Conversely, selecting the lowest price without regard to proper solution alignment can doom a relationship. This Analyst Perspective report helps enterprises avoid cost-focused selection pitfalls and other selection landmines by sharing keen insights that influence positive TEM vendor selection results.

Analyst Perspective: Myths and Facts: An Informed Guide to MMS Vendor Evaluation

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Publication date: December 2018 Implementing a managed mobility services (MMS) vendor is different compared to telecom expense management (TEM) vendor predecessors. MMS vendors offer various levels of engagement and service integration, and evaluation requires a complete understanding of the desired end user experience, required technical integrations with multiple business systems, and a broad range of process integrations. This Analyst Perspective report explores a host of integration decisions for enterprises to consider as they evaluate MMS vendors.

Analyst Perspective: Business Value Revealed: What Enterprises Want from MMS

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Publication date: November 2018 The business value of managed mobility services (MMS) and telecom expense management (TEM) are frequently discussed in the same way, but they are different solutions with unique value propositions. While related under the umbrella of telecom and mobility management, TEM is not MMS and MMS is not TEM. This Analyst Perspective report offers clear definition of the business value of MMS and explores models for evaluating and reporting business value.

Analyst Perspective: Business Value Revealed: What Enterprises Want from TEM

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Publication date: November 2018 Enterprise TEM solution requirements can be complex, but every enterprise has one requirement in common – business value. Whether the main objective of TEM is to control cost, gain visibility, optimize workflow, or outsource business processes, every organization wants to clearly understand the business value the solution is delivering. This Analyst Perspective report delves into the murky waters of assessing business value and offers a clear view of what enterprises need from TEM vendors.

Market Landscape: European TEM Market Landscape

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Publication date: November 2018 The telecom expense management landscape in western Europe features some similarities to the state of TEM in the United States, as well as some stark differences. In terms of similarities, billing errors cause enterprises in Europe as much heartburn as they do in the United States. The differences are perhaps more pronounced. Europe-based organizations face more stringent privacy regulations than their counterparts in many other parts of the world and complying with those via telecom management is not always easy. Interestingly, too, while enterprises in Europe want to save money through TEM, many are more focused on the benefits of processes to achieve efficiency and productivity than are their counterparts in the United States. This level of maturity sets Europe’s TEM landscape apart, even though the practice there is relatively new. AOTMP’s inaugural Europe TEM Market Landscape examines these issues, and others, discusses how they are impacting enterprises, and highlights ways TEM vendors, consultancies and integrators in Europe are addressing matters. The report, which does not rank vendors, further includes profiles of the vendors that briefed with AOTMP Research & Advisory; these will give European enterprises more insight into the kinds of providers available to them.

Analyst Perspective: Business Case Development: Is SD-WAN Right for Your Enterprise?

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Publication date: March 2019 Redundancy, resiliency, flexibility and affordability are traits that can be factored into a SD-WAN business case. But what should every enterprise really know about SD-WAN before embarking on business case development? This Analyst Perspective report explores the ins and outs of OPEX and CAPEX variables with SD-WAN compared to other technologies, as well as technical and operational considerations that every enterprise needs to know before developing a business case to migrate to SD-WAN.

Analyst Perspective: Telecom / Mobility / IT Professionals: How to Earn Change Agent Accolades by Flexing Your Digital Transformation Muscle

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Publication date: March 2019 Who owns digital transformation in business? Is it the telecom, mobility and IT professionals who push transformation to the business or is it business leaders who pull transformation from the technology experts? This Analyst Perspective report highlights the positions of telecom, mobility, IT professionals as business change agents and shares informed insights and case studies to bolster the view that technology leaders drive digital transformation.

Analyst Perspective: Digital Transformation: Beyond the Hype and into Reality

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Publication date: February 2019 The digital transformation movement is real. Rationalizing the role of technology as a business driver is powerful for the Telecom / Mobility / IT Management Industry and for the businesses consuming the technology. There is a significant amount of hype associated with digital transformation that isn’t real, though. This Analyst Perspective report debunks the myths and illuminates the truths of digital transformation today.

Market Landscape: Vendors Transforming the SD-WAN Landscape

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Publication date: February 2019 SD-WAN alleviates several of the technical, financial and operational constraints of its predecessor data networks. Benefits and opportunities abound with SD-WAN, but there are some critical differences compared to older technologies: how it is deployed and how it is managed. This Market Landscape report explores SD-WAN vendors that support the primary deployment approaches and offers market insights to enterprises at all stages of SD-WAN adoption. Importantly, this report does not rank vendors.

State of the Industry: 2019 State of the Telecom / Mobility / IT Management Industry

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Publication date: February 2019 The Telecom / Mobility / IT Management Industry is evolving rapidly. Digital transformation efforts are changing how technology needs to be managed. Yet telecom, mobility and IT departments remain challenged by service delivery inefficiency and shifting business demands, further complicating efforts. In addition, new security and privacy rules and regulations continue to require organizations to tighten their monitoring compliance controls. AOTMP Research & Advisory’s annual State of the Telecom / Mobility/ IT Management Industry report explores the latest trends and challenges, while forecasting what the industry can expect over the next 12-24 months.