Analyst Perspective: Why ITSM is the Hottest Software Segment in the Enterprise: Secrets to Integration

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Publication date: October 2018 ITSM software lies at the center of technology management, influencing outcomes of critical telecom, mobility and IT management functions. Providing a single source of truth and delivering transparency into the technology estate is the key to optimizing management practices, and ITSM software empowers the desired results. This Analyst Perspective report explores trends in enterprise business requirements that reveal secrets to achieving integration success across the entire telecom, mobility and IT management practice.

Market Landscape: MMS Market Landscape 2018

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Publication Date: September 2018 AOTMP Research’s 2018 MMS Market Landscape highlights the top problems organizations want to solve now and over the next few years, and the vendors whose capabilities they say provide the best match. This report does not rank vendors. Enterprises will want to use the information to assess current, and any pending, choices; vendors will want to evaluate their strengths against the competition and gauge possible areas of opportunity.

Analyst Perspective: Ways CIOs and CISOs are Addressing User Behavior: Cybersecurity Use Cases

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Publication date: August 2018 Following on The Biggest Risk to Enterprise Cybersecurity? The Employee, this report analyzes how CIOs and CISOs are approaching user behavior to prevent breaches. Peer-level insight, combined with AOTMP Research recommendations, will help fellow enterprises understand and adopt best practices to management to help avoid compromises to security.

Analyst Perspective: IoT Use Cases and Management Considerations in the Transportation Industry

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Publication Date: September 2018 This report discusses the various solution in development and deployment. IoT is changing how capabilities and services affect the transportation industry, in particular – think ride-sharing, airlines or shipment-tracking as just some examples. This report digs in with enterprises and vendors to explore current and new IoT use cases and subsequent management approaches in the transportation sector.

Analyst Perspective: The Telematics Revolution – and the Vendors Leading the Way

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Publication Date: September 2018 This report discusses ways to streamline a telematics strategy and achieve more impactful business outcomes through informed and thoughtful telecom management tactics. It also points out some of the vendors on the forefront of telematics revolution.