Add our authority to your training. AOTMP® Certifications are an achievement that recognizes the professionals, teams, and service providers driving industry progress forward through our Efficiency First® Framework practices and principles.

Earned certification credentials include an electronic badge that serves as verified evidence of certification achievement.

8 New Specialty Certification Exams

  • Auditing 2020
  • Change Control 2020
  • Contract Management 2020
  • Data Privacy 2020
  • Project Management 2020
  • Security 2020
  • Service Management 2020
  • Sourcing & Procurement 2020

Certified Efficiency First® Service Providers

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6 New Professional Certification Exams


  • Certified Telecom Management Operations Professional – TMOP
  • Certified Telecom Management Leadership Professional – TMLP


  • Certified Mobility Management Operations ProfessionalMMOP
  • Certified Mobility Management Leadership Professional – MMLP

IT Management

  • Certified IT Management Operations Professional – IMOP
  • Certified IT Management Leadership Professional – IMLP


3 New Master Certification Exams

Master Level

  • Master Certified Telecom Management Professional – MTMP
  • Master Certified Mobility Management Professional – MMMP
  • Master Certified IT Management Professional – MIMP

Efficiency First® Framework Guidebook

The Efficiency First® Framework 2020 Guidebook is for businesses adopting Framework principles and service providers aligning products, services, and solutions with Framework principles. Updated in the first quarter of each calendar year to support technology, business and market changes, the guidebook has over 270 pages of in-depth industry knowledge, including:

  • Stakeholder Group descriptions, definitions, and role/responsibility profiles.
  • Focus Area descriptions, definitions, and evaluation guidelines.
  • Practice Areas descriptions, definitions, and process diagrams.
  • Performance Area descriptions, definitions, and measurement criteria.
  • Portfolio Areas descriptions, definitions, management considerations.
  • Core Management Technologies descriptions, definitions, and use cases.
  • Continuous Improvement Approach descriptions, definitions, and adoption best practices.
  • Framework Principles descriptions, definitions, and evaluation criteria.
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