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Efficiency First® Tools is technology management’s most expansive resource library. We have thousands of telecom, mobility, and IT management tools to drive progress in your environment. Our comprehensive toolkit is designed with your needs in mind to provide the perfect complement to your operations.

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Why should you use Efficiency First® Tools?

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    Everyday Templates

    Our resource library includes everyday templates that expand your telecom, mobility, and IT management activities. With thousands of templates and checklists, you’ll never run out of tools to improve your technology.

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    Compliance Resources

    With the ever-changing regulatory landscape, you can never be too prepared for sweeping technology management shifts. Efficiency First® tools delivers resources for GDPR, data privacy compliance, and more.

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    Trending Knowledge

    Efficiency First® Tools features an expansive repository of trending topics that help you prepare for today’s emerging technologies. From SD-WAN, UCaaS, augmented reality, IoT and more, our library’s got your back.

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    Technology Terminology

    Do your new employees need help understanding the industry’s ever-expanding vocabulary? Look no further than our Technology Terminology dictionary. With hundreds of definitions, explanations, and acronyms, it’s a must-have for any technology management environment.

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    Industry Podcasts

    Listen to industry experts as they walk through the world of telecom, mobility, and information technology management. Our podcasts feature conversations ranging from compliance to SD-WAN implementation. If you’re not listening now, you’re missing out.

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    Improved Intelligence

    Efficiency First® Tools helps expand the knowledge and lessons learned through AOTMP® University. By adding tools to your AOTMP® University education, you’ll create new opportunities to make your training actionable and drive better business results through technology.

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Practical Tools Designed for You

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    GDPR Compliance Checklist

    Worried about being fined for noncompliance? Stop worrying and start improving. We’ve compiled a checklist of everything you need to know to maintain compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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    Data Retention Checklist

    Data retention of IP addresses, personally identifiable information, and more is a huge part of technology management practice. Our comprehensive checklist helps you gain insight and ensure you’re on top of today’s data retention policies. 

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    Troubleshooting Outages

    Outages are a consistent issue in technology management. To overcome these challenges, Efficiency First® Tool brings it all in-line with best practices and helpful resources on how to troubleshoot outages. Don’t experience an outage without our tools!

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    Robotic Process Automation

    Automation is inevitable. In Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Fundamentals, AOTMP® experts dive deep into the world of RPA and how it will assist in the future. As part of our emerging technologies series, this tool is an excellent addition that helps your team review upcoming trends.

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    Cloud Security Mitigation

    Our Cloud Security Mitigation Checklist offers a robust look at your internal cloud security protocols. As a tool encompassing all your technology management unknowns, this one-of-a-kind checklist is a must-have for anyone in the cloud security or cloud management space.

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    Telecom Management Excellence

    This unique Efficiency First® Podcast takes an in-depth look at the telecom management industry and explores organizations that have excelled in their operations. Informative and timeless, listening to this podcast will have you wanting more.

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A Match Made In Technology Management Heaven

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    Partners to the End

    AOTMP® University and Efficiency First® Tools are the perfect pair to deliver better technology management results. With hundreds of courses and thousands of tools at your disposal, the combination of these solutions brings next-level knowledge to your organization.

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    In-Course Resources

    Efficiency First® Tools are built right into AOTMP® University courses — emphasizing ease of use and access to create a natural, complementary training experience for your team. Instant access to these tools helps you effectively apply any lessons learned.

All Efficiency First® Tools are based on our patented Efficiency First® Framework. The framework is a disciplined and best practice approach for managing the modern fixed and mobile environment. It’s our core methodology and the foundation of all AOTMP® solutions.

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