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Resources & Tools for the Modern Telecom, Mobility, and IT Management Industry

Efficiency First® Tools is a resource and template library that includes thousands of tools for your telecom, mobility, and IT management environment. From RFP templates to guidance on the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, our comprehensive toolkit designed with telecom, mobility, and IT management professionals is a perfect complement to your operations.

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Why should I use Efficiency First® Tools?

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    Daily Life Templates

    Our resource library includes daily life templates that expand your telecom, mobility, and IT management activities. With RFP templates and checklists for compliance, you’ll never run out of resources to use.

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    Compliance Resources

    With the ever-changing geopolitical landscape, you can never be too prepared for sweeping shifts in law and regulations. We step in with articles about GDPR, compliance checklists, and so much more.

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    Trending Knowledge

    Efficiency First® Tools has an expansive repository of trending topics that accentuate emerging technologies. From SD-WAN, UCaaS, augmented reality to IoT, we’ve got it all covered in our library.

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    Telecom Terminology

    Have new hires that need to be brought up to speed on the industry’s ever-expanding lexicon? Look no further than our Telecom Terminology dictionary. With hundreds of definitions of industry terms, it’s a must have for any environment.

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    Industry Podcasts

    Listen to industry and implementation experts as they walk through the worlds of telecom, mobility, and information technology management. Our podcasts feature any topic from compliance to SD-WAN implementations. If you’re not listening now, you should be.

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    Pairs Well with University

    Efficiency First® Tools helps expand the practicality of the knowledge you learn through AOTMP® University. By adding Tools to your existing AOTMP® University subscription, you will always be able to apply your knowledge. Learn more about adding Tools below.

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Tools Designed for Practical Professionals with Practical Knowledge

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    GDPR Compliance Checklist

    Worried about being fined like Google was? Well, look no further. We’ve compiled a checklist of all of the things you need to know to maintain your compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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    Data Retention Checklist

    Data retention of IP addresses, PII and more is a huge part of any telecom, mobility, and IT management practice. Our comprehensive data retention checklist helps you gain insight into your operations while making sure you’re on top of your data retention policies. 

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    Troubleshooting Outages

    Outages are a consistent issue in our industry. In order to overcome these challenges, this Efficiency First® Tool brings it all in-line with best practices and a helpful resource on how to troubleshoot outages. Don’t be caught in one without this tool!

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    Robotic Process Automation

    Automation is inevitable in our industry. In Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Fundamentals, AOTMP® experts take a deeper dive into the world of RPA and how it will assist in the future. As part of our emerging technologies series, this Tool is an excellent addition to your team’s review of upcoming trends.

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    Cloud Security Mitigation

    Our Cloud Security Mitigation Checklist is a robust look at your customer’s internal cloud security protocols. Encompassing server space, overused virtualization, data sharing, shared technology and the unknowns, this Tool is a must-have for anyone in the cloud security or cloud management space.

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    Telecom Management Excellence

    This unique Efficiency First® Podcast takes an in-depth look at the telecom management industry and explores organizations that have excelled in their operations. Informative and timeless, listening to this podcast will have you wanting more.

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A Match Made In Heaven

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    Partners to the End

    AOTMP® University and Efficiency First® Tools are the perfect accompaniment to one another. With hundreds of courses and thousands of tools, both solutions are sure to bring knowledge to your organization to the next level. Always together, never apart.

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    In-Course Resources

    Efficiency First® Tools are built right into AOTMP® University courses. With ease of use and access, your subscriptions are natural partners. With instant, in your hands Tools to effectively apply your knowledge, it’s a necessity to put them together.

All Efficiency First® Tools are based on our patented Efficiency First® Framework. The framework is a disciplined and best practice approach for managing a fixed and mobile environment. This Framework is our core methodology and the foundation of all AOTMP® solutions. Enterprises adopt the Framework in their environments and vendors align their solutions to the Framework.

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