Performance Scoring & Analytics

Efficiency First® Framework

This disciplined, best practice-driven approach is our guiding principle and serves as the foundation of all AOTMP® telecom, mobility, and IT management solutions.

Make Your Technology Matter

By adopting our Efficiency First® Framework, you can maximize the business value of telecom, mobility, and IT assets to drive strategic results.

The Framework is a patented, proven approach that organizes your data into actionable insights using four core components:

  • 30 Core Telecom, Mobility, and IT Management Activities
  • 7 Stakeholder Groups
  • 7 Performance Measurements
  • 10 Focus Areas

Make 750+ Points of Your Technology Management More Efficient

Adopt our Framework and maximize your efficiency by providing a never-before-seen level of insight into your technology management environment.

AOTMP® helps you transform telecom, mobility, and IT management practices. Through the power of our Efficiency First® Framework principles, apply industry best practices to drive productivity, performance, and efficiency improvements where you work.

Efficiency First® Framework

How the Efficiency First® Framework Helps You

IT Asset Management

Streamline asset management structures and skills to deliver greater business value and competitive insights.

IT Service Management

Create more satisfying support experiences and solutions with increased technology management efficiency.

Unified Endpoint Management

Secure users, devices, and data to eliminate program management gaps and prepare your organization for the future of technology.

Mobile/Telecom Management

Optimize your mobile/telecom inventory and expense management efforts to minimize costs, downtime, and management inefficiencies.

Make Efficiency Your Priority

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