Q: Is 911 a universal emergency services number?

A: 911 has been used in North America since 1968, but it is not a global number. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is a global standards organization that provides guidance to its members. ITU-T E.161.1:“Guidelines to select Emergency Number for public telecommunications networks” recommends either 112 or 911 or both be implemented. 112 is the standard for EU countries as well as others across the globe. While 112 and 911 have broad coverage, neither is universal. When travelling to a new or unfamiliar location, learning the emergency service number for your destination is advised.

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Q: Is it legal for employers to track an employee’s location using GPS?

A: Employers can track company assets such as vehicles, equipment, computers, smartphones, and tablets using GPS without employee consent in the United States. Tracking GPS of personal smartphones is not allowed without explicit consent, though. Also, state, federal, and international laws vary on the topic of surveillance of employees outside of work hours or without consent. Laws will continue to evolve as digital footprints expand and data privacy expectations change. Best practices for businesses on this topic are to be transparent with employees, obtain consent as required, and monitor changing laws and regulations closely.

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