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High Impact Environment Assessment


Obtain Recommendations and Quick Wins to Improve Your Telecom/Mobility/IT Environment

A High Impact Environment Assessment is a comprehensive report that identifies inefficiencies and provides a gap analysis against the principles of the Efficiency First® Framework along with prioritized recommendations to improve performance, efficiency, and productivity in the telecom environment to drive business results.

It involves a broad review of the telecom environment that identifies inefficiencies and provides a gap analysis with recommendations tailored to enhance performance, efficiency, productivity and to drive business results. AOTMP® evaluates the current telecom environment, including business requirements, capabilities, and opportunities as they align to the 30 core activities identified by the Efficiency First® Framework. AOTMP® Efficiency First® Experts will determine the gap between the current state and the environment at optimized capacity. Recommendations are made based on the results of the gap analysis.

In an industry that is lacking discipline and structure, AOTMP partners with your organization to drive measurable results aligned to business goals and objectives by utilizing the Efficiency First® Framework methodology.

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How do I benefit from an Environment Assessment?

  • Actionable Data

    High impact environment assessments equip your organization with actionable data that identifies inefficiencies and provides a gap analysis. Along with prioritized recommendations for performance, efficiency, and productivity improvements, this data helps drive business results.

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  • Gap Analysis

    Putting the spotlight on inefficiencies in your environment is sometimes tough. Optimizing those results with a third party helps shine a light on areas of improvement and helps develop core recommendations to help you button up your telecom and mobility environments.

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  • Backed by Experts

    Our data science experts have spent decades refining the Efficiency First® Framework to provide expert analysis of your telecom and mobility environments. Any environment assessment by our experts is supported by decades of experience and framework architecture.

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The journey to greater efficiency has just begun.

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