Industry Hackathon

Registration and Initial Idea Phase Closes August 30, 2021

Hackathon Awards Ceremony:  October 20th , 9:00 – 11:00 AM EDT

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Be part of an exclusive and unique opportunity. Teams will generate solutions to advance the telecom, mobility & IT management industry.

You won’t want to miss it.

  • 10 Industry challenges
  • 10 Innovation Leaders
  • Over 3,000 Participants
  • 100’s of Great ideas
  • $100,000 in Prize Money
  • 1 Exciting Event

Bringing Together The Best

The telecom, mobility & IT management industry is approaching $4.3 trillion in annual spending and is supported by more than 10 million business operations professionals across the globe. AOTMP® is bringing together thousands of resources to tackle some of the greatest challenges in the telecom, mobility & IT management industry. These professionals will have a goal of creating answers and solutions that will help take the industry to a new level, one that brings significantly more value and overall business impact to organizations worldwide.

Solving Important Industry Problems

  • Elevating the Value of Telecom, Mobility & IT Departments
  • Advancing Diversity & Inclusion
  • Verified AI Sourcing Tool for SMBs
  • Showcasing Career Opportunities in the Telecom, Mobility & IT Management
  • Techniques to Accelerate Accessibility
  • Remote Workforce Engagement
  • Reshaping Academia-Industry Partnership
  • Mitigating Regulatory & Legislative Risk
  • Reducing the Negative Environmental Impact of Technology
  • Integrating Technology Strategy & Business Strategy
How It Works
  1. Participants register and form teams of 1 to 4 people; bring your own team or join others online.
  2. Teams sign up to participate in one or more of the 10 industry challenges.
  3. Teams submit their ideas for their challenges.
  4. Ideas are narrowed down to finalists by the Innovation Leader judges.
  5. The finalists for each of the 10 challenges are notified.
  6. Innovation Leaders provide insight, guidance and mentoring to their challenge teams.
  7. The finalist teams make their final project submissions.
  8. Judges select the top 3 finalists for each challenge.
  9. Judges select the overall event winner.

How To Get Involved

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