Founded in 1971, this bank and stock brokerage firm helps people achieve better financial outcomes. Through its global financial services network, this firm serves almost 11 million brokerage accounts – and relies on advanced telecom, mobility, and IT management initiatives to maintain its position as the industry’s most customer-focused services provider.


Financial Services


Telecom Expense Management, Enterprise Mobility Management, Unified Endpoint Management, Cloud, and Blockchain


As this financial services organization expands operations and technology across dozens of global regions, its technology management team experience several training and education challenges:

  • Inability to drive digital transformation and data security initiatives forward
  • Unable to successfully integrate cloud computing capabilities into IT environment
  • Lack of employee leadership development and growth
  • Desire to enhance customer experiences through omnichannel solutions


This organization purchased an AOTMP® University subscription for its technology management team to take advantage of nearly two decades of telecom, mobility, and IT management industry knowledge. Now, its employees have the high-level insights, global best practices, and role-specific strategies they need to drive productivity, performance, and efficiency through digital transformation.

The financial services firm has dramatically accelerated its strategic IT initiatives and improved its customer experience efforts using our online training curriculum and specialty certification paths. Now, digital transformation is a reality that helps the firm seamlessly integrate advanced technologies and increase overall workforce expertise and skills.

“Before AOTMP® University, a large portion of our IT roadmap was considered impossible to produce. Now, however, our team is not only driving digital transformation, but leading the financial services industry in innovative, customer-focused solutions. AOTMP®’s experience and training resources have been instrumental in our organization’s technology-driven business growth.”

— Senior Manager, IT


After introducing AOTMP® University to its employees, this organization has been able to grow its telecom, mobility, and IT management skillset and expand strategic technology initiatives to create financial services’ most robust omnichannel customer experience.

“AOTMP® University has given us usable strategies and best practices to establish a foundation for business growth. Our employees are more passionate than ever about technology and using digital solutions to better serve customers. Simply put, AOTMP® University has been revolutionary for our entire organization.”

— Chief Operations Officer

Additionally, this financial services firm also uses AOTMP® University certifications to enhance its marketplace value and reputation. The organization considers this accomplishments as a “badge of expertise” that differentiates its technology management program from others by displaying a higher level of skill, competency, and professionalism.

Moving forward, this organization will leverage its AOTMP® University investment as an opportunity to lead the financial services industry where consumer privacy and data protections are concerned. In today’s ever-changing regulatory policy environment, this organization considers itself fortunate to have a technology management partner with nearly two decades of experience in this capacity.

This organization isn’t our only success story. Learn how AOTMP® University’s online curriculum, on-demand course offerings, and global certification platform satisfies all your telecom, mobility, and IT management needs.

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