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Get a Complimentary Performance Index Benchmark Score

What is Your Organization’s Likely Degree of Efficiency?

AOTMP Efficiency First® Performance IndexIn an industry that is lacking discipline and structure, AOTMP partners with your organization to drive measurable results aligned to your business objectives.

Get a free Performance Index Benchmark Score to determine your score in five mission-critical areas of performance within your organization. This valuable data will uncover potential opportunities of financial return and operational impact, increase the value of your telecom contributions toward overall business objectives, and help you begin to minimize the risk of technical, operational, and financial performance gaps in your organization.

Rating Value of Rating
Efficiency First® Performance Index Illustrates overall technical, operational, and financial efficiency; strategic business alignment; and, competitive performance on a standardized scale
Fixed and Mobile Efficiency Rating Illustrates efficiency achieved across 30 Efficiency First® Framework Core Telecom Management Activities
Team Performance Illustrates individual contributor efficiency within the telecom management ecosystem and the value of contribution to an organization’s overall Performance Index Rating
Vendor Performance Illustrates impact vendor have on the efficiency of fixed and mobile telecom management practices and the impact on overall business results
Business Impact Illustrates alignment between the fixed and mobile telecom environment and the business served, and the effect of the telecom environment on business results