As one of the world’s largest energy providers and chemical manufacturers, this organization develops and applies next-generation technologies to help its clients safely and responsibly meet their energy needs. However, it needed outside expert help to maintain its market position and create a new level of telecom, mobility, and IT management excellence.




Telecom Expense Management, Enterprise Mobility Management, Unified Endpoint Management, Cloud, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence


As this global energy provider improves workforce performance, productivity, and efficiency through its technology initiatives, it needed industry expertise to overcome the following business challenges:

  • Ineffective telecom, mobility, and IT management policies
  • Lack of market opportunity identification and competitive industry insights
  • Invisible IT resource allocation and unmeasurable business impact
  • General lack of technology management expertise


This organization purchased an AOTMP® Advisory Services engagement to accelerate digital transformation and create a more technically, financially, and operationally efficient technology management environment. Our industry experts helped this global energy provider collect, analyze, and apply the insights and proven strategies backed by almost two decades of telecom, mobility, and IT management success.

Prior to our advisory engagement, this organization lacked the ability to understand how to use technology to make a lasting business impact. Its IT environment featured inefficient resource allocation that failed to deliver the business value and competitive advantages the organization needed to outperform its peers. AOTMP®’s Advisory Services experts not only identified where time, money, and effort was being wasted – it gave the organization actionable steps to improve performance and directly measure results.

“While we preach innovation as a business priority, AOTMP® Advisory Services made that vision reality. Our engagement with AOTMP®’s industry experts gave us the ability to hold technology management teams accountable and deliver long-term business value to our global operations.”

— Chief Executive Officer


After this global energy provider enlisted the help of AOTMP® Advisory Services, it dramatically improved its ability to manage telecom, mobility, and IT technologies – and saved more than three million dollars in its first year of improvement, too!

Employees were able to evaluate technology-focused programs against their peers to uncover vulnerabilities, competitive insights, and where opportunities for improvement were most likely to lead to competitive advantages and efficiency gains.

“AOTMP® Advisory Services helped everyone – IT and otherwise – understand how important technology is to our industry’s future. By creating a digital Center of Excellence, we were able to save a tremendous amount of time and money, but also realize the potential to create a foundation that continues to deliver incredible business results today.”

— Chief Innovation Officer

Going forward, this organization will use AOTMP® Advisory Services as a strategic tool to further its growth and enterprise evolution. The global energy provider is excited to have an outside partner that’s capable of evaluating emerging technology management trends and strategies and hopes to further its innovation-driven focus to increase market intelligence and positioning.

This energy provider isn’t our only success story. Find out how AOTMP® Advisory deliver telecom, mobility, and IT management analyst expertise to help you identify new business opportunities and satisfy all your technology-fueled performance, productivity, and efficiency needs.

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