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In their telecom environment, Avery Dennison was experiencing policy and process deficits. In each of the over 50 countries, there seemed to be a different approach for managing telecom costs, services, assets and technology.

This made it difficult to get visibility, achieve accountability and effectively manage nearly every component of the telecom environment. Knowing it needed a standard methodology to utilize, Avery Dennison partnered with AOTMP® to align with best practices for telecom management.


“Thanks to AOTMP®, we are well into the transformation process. We’re already seeing results in the optimization of costs, processes, technology, and services.”

— Chris Zafirson, IT Finance Director, Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison’s adoption of the AOTMP® Efficiency First® Framework, a disciplined and best practice methodology for managing a fixed and mobile telecom environment, was done to build a high-performance, best-in-class telecommunications environment.

As part of the Efficiency First® Certification Program, a comprehensive baseline was established to identify technical, operational and financial improvement opportunities; and, continuous optimization activities were implemented to ensure consistent alignment with the Efficiency First® Framework.

The environment was then measured and benchmarked against the AOTMP® Efficiency First® Performance Index, which evaluates and measures over 750 potential points of inefficiency as well as 300 performance and opportunity identification measures.

“The Center of Excellence is a big step forward in the maturity of our telecom management practice. It has given us a new look at how we manage activities, address accountability and operate financially.”

— Giles Johnson, Enterprise Telephony Manager, Avery Dennison


Avery Dennison received a Performance Index Rating Score illustrating technical, operational and financial efficiency, strategic business alignment and competitive performance, which provides insight into their overall level of alignment to the Framework as they strive to become gold, platinum or master certified.

Currently, Avery Dennison is a Silver Adopter, signifying that it has received its initial score.

“We collaborated with AOTMP® to create a roadmap to help us develop robust policies, gain better visibility into spend and contracts, and drive consistent and more effective management of our environment.”

— Michelle Okerwall, Telecom Specialist, Avery Dennison

As a significant step towards improved accountability, alignment to the Framework and continual operational, technical and financial gains, AOTMP® recommended the formation of a centralized telecom management Center of Excellence. This centralized management approach is expected to help drive significant efficiencies across the 30 telecom management activities outlined in the Framework and even more importantly be a significant catalyst in our transformation journey.

Less than a year ago, Avery Dennison described its telecom environment as “very, very fragmented, and lacking alignment on most policies.” Almost a year and a half later, its telecom departments operate nothing like they did before. In the past, measuring its global telecom environment was unthinkable; today, it is a reality.

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AOTMP® is an organization focused on advancing technical, financial, and operational management practices as the Association of Telecom, Mobility, and IT Management Professionals
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