Founded in 2004, this healthcare provider is dedicated to improving quality of life by making healthcare simpler. Through its affiliated organizations, this organization serves more than 78 million people — and relies on advanced telecom, mobility, and IT management initiatives to maintain its position as the industry’s most innovative, valuable, and inclusive partner.




Telecom Expense Management, Enterprise Mobility Management, Unified Endpoint Management, IoT, Cloud, and Artificial Intelligence


As this healthcare provider expands operations and technology across dozens of U.S. states, its employees continued to face an increasing number of business challenges:

  • Uncertainty of how to safely integrate new technologies into daily routines
  • Inability to protect sensitive patient and enterprise data
  • Performance frustration leading to job dissatisfaction and turnover
  • Unproductive technology management processes resulting in downtime and a diminished marketplace value/reputation


This organization purchased an AOTMP® University subscription for its technology management team to take advantage of nearly two decades of telecom, mobility, and IT management industry knowledge. Now, its employees have the high-level insights, global best practices, and role-specific strategies they need to drive productivity, performance, and efficiency through digital transformation.

The company prioritizes its enhanced employee training curriculum by creating specialty certification paths for every user through AOTMP®’s digital course interface. Now, everyone from senior employees to its most recent new hires are engaged, aware, and capable of streamlining everyday work with secure technology management practices.

“AOTMP® University’s depth of industry knowledge was impressive to me – even after working in healthcare IT for several years. This tool is perfect for me and my team staying focused on innovation and driving business value through technology.”

— Director of IT


After implementation and a particular focus on using AOTMP® University to address concerns about implementing advanced technologies like IoT and AI, this organization’s utilization has expanded to other technology management practices to create an overall foundation for employee training success. Innovation leaders now have the educational resources and tools they need to learn and develop leadership skills that move the company forward.

“We’ve been able to use AOTMP® University in a number of ways: to educate new employees, to turn experience employees into high performers, and to use its specialty certifications as milestone markers that give us an idea of how quickly and effectively our technology management teams are advancing.”

— Vice President of Human Resources

Additionally, this healthcare provider also uses AOTMP® University certifications to enhance its marketplace value and reputation. The organization considers this accomplishments as a “badge of expertise” that differentiates its technology management program from others by displaying a higher level of skill, competency, and professionalism.

Moving forward, this organization plans to increase its AOTMP® University investment as new technologies are implemented to foster business growth. Employees will use these digital courses to create a widespread workforce understanding of advanced technologies and maintain consistent best practices from one provider location to the next.

This organization isn’t our only success story. Learn how AOTMP® University’s online curriculum, on-demand course offerings, and global certification platform satisfies all your telecom, mobility, and IT management needs.

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