Improving End-User Adoption of Company Telecom Policies

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Improving End-User Adoption of Company Telecom Policies

AOTMP clients often ask, “How do we get more adoption of our telecom policies?” To address this question, our team requests a review of the client’s current telecom policy. In most cases, we receive a document outlining rules from several years ago. A majority of the telecom policies we receive are not only outdated, but no longer applicable for current technology.

Organizations need to keep the following concepts in mind when developing and/or managing telecom policy:

  • A Telecom Policy Requires an Owner
    • A specific group/team should be assigned as the owner for an organization’s telecom policy. This team owns telecom policy rollout, management, and user adoption.
  • Telecom Policy Measurements
    • An organization should have specific KPIs around their telecom policy. These KPIs should have targets for the team managing the policy. KPI recommendations include:
      • End user adoption rates
      • Content; percentages of policy that contain specific content (i.e. rules/regulation, self-help, tips/tricks, etc.)
      • Refresh timelines
    • Reoccurring Refresh Review
      • Telecom is constantly changing; and the review of potential changes need to be considered in a formalized review session of the organization’s telecom policy.
      • We recommend a quarterly or semi-annual review be structured, based on the organization’s size.
    • Relevant Content for End-Users
      • An organization’s telecom policy should not be structured as only a set of rules to end users
      • The more knowledge transfer that occurs within a telecom policy, the higher rates of end-user adoption will be experienced
        • This can be accomplished with self-service initiatives, FAQs, tips and tricks
      • Make the telecom policy useful and convenient for end-users to use
    • Telecom Policy Location
      • If an end-user cannot easily find the mobile policy, it will not be referenced
    • End-User Sign-Off Requirements
      • Find the consistent point in the organization’s processes to implement initial end-user sign-off (new hire, IT policy sign-off step, etc.)
      • Additional considerations should be made for obtaining sign-off with refreshed versions

Overall, organizations that make their telecom policies simple, useful, and easily accessed will find a much higher adoption rate by end-users. A telecom policy should help end-users be “in the know”; yet not hinder their ability to conduct business on telecom tools. If a telecom policy is properly implemented with a high end-user adoption rate, an organization can expect to see cost savings, consistency, and efficiency as the result.

Ashley Kelm is a telecom management industry thought leader exploring the impact of technology as a business accelerator and social capital enabler. Learn more about expert services to transform your telecom environment.

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