AOTMP Industry Council Spotlight—May 2018

AOTMP Industry Council Spotlight—May 2018

What is the Industry Council?

It all started with roundtables. Each year, at the AOTMP Summit, our roundtable breakout sessions are extremely popular. Attendees pick a subject and discuss it with their peers and they love it. The suggetions and discussions always prove beneficial to all. Seeing a need, AOTMP set out to create an ongoing roundtable environment by recruiting thought leaders from enterprise and vendor organizations. Through collaboration, this body will brainstorm and solve these issues that are found in many telecom/IT departments. These solutions will move the industry forward, effectively dealing with the relentless push of digital transformation. At the AOTMP Summit 2018 in April, the Industry Council launched with excited participation from attendees and sponsors alike. In three sessions, we asked for a list of opportunities facing management and operations professionals and discussed the state of the industry. This list will drive the agenda for 2018 and beyond.

Sample topics and themes for AOTMP Industry Council agendas

The New technologies of TEM: AI, Machine Learning and more Where is the Industry currently vs. your organization?

  • The Short-term future of TEM and MMS. Does your company’s vision map to the direction of the Industry?
  • The Evolution of Mobile App Dev to Cloud MAD How is app development supporting business transformation?
  • The value lens of Telecom and Mobility for Enterprises and Vendors. Are you driving the shift to strategic value recognition?
  • Telecom and Mobility as strategic assets (the journey). Are you driving the shift to strategic asset?
  • Driving more customer business value. What are the top 3 ways to increase customer business value?
  • Current or future legislation impacts on the horizon. How to navigate effectively through regulatory change.

It’s important to note, that these agendas and topics will be driven by council members. AOTMP is seeking industry thought leaders to continue the work of this important council. If you have a desire to give back to the telecom management industry or ideas to make the ecosystem better, please consider joining us.

Enterprise and Vendor members can apply by visiting
Apply before June 29 and new members will receive a founding member logo and 50 percent off. Memberships will be split evenly between enterprise and vendor entries. There will be sessions for management and operations members covering agenda topics specific to roles.

Description of the Council

The AOTMP Industry Council is comprised of global telecom, mobility, and technology management thought leaders and professionals exploringopportunities to advance the telecom management industry. Aligning global professionals from enterprises, carriers, industry suppliers and vendors, the AOTMP Industry Council is dedicated to leading and influencing the industry and those who work within it.

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Upcoming Events

Conference Call
August 2, 11 a.m. EDT Topic: Elevating enterprise-vendor business relationship value in the telecom management ecosystem
Conference Call
August 2, 11 a.m. EDT
Member Conference
October 22-24, 2018
Conference Call
December 6, 11 a.m. EDT