AOTMP® Industry Stances

AOTMP® helps organizations optimize the strategic business value of telecom, mobility and IT by leveraging information and analytics. These position statements are generated from questions frequently asked by AOTMP® clients. Positions are determined through analysis and understanding of what drives positive business performance and what inhibits business performance.

Are vendor mergers and acquisitions generally a good thing for enterprises?

Vendor M&A activity could be a positive event for enterprises. Enterprises should have the opportunity to take advantage of increased capabilities and potentially improved support with the activity. However, some enterprises have reported degradation in service and support and these are things that must be mitigated. In the event an enterprise experiences vendor M&A activity, [...]

Does AOTMP recommend contingency audits?

Contingency-based fee structures are often promoted as zero risk programs, as customers only pay a percentage of savings generated by the outsource partner. Financial liability is increased in this model as the final cost is not known until the deliverable – savings – has been identified. In addition, contingency audits do not identify or resolve [...]

Does AOTMP recommend historical bill audits?

Bill audits identify financial exceptions including over-billing, billing for disconnected services, and billing for unauthorized services. Identifying exceptions paves the way for credits, but audits don’t solve the root cause of the exception. To that end, taking steps beyond the audit to diagnose and mitigate exceptions before they appear on bills is a best practice. [...]

Does AOTMP recommend physical site audits?

Site audits, also known as physical site inspections, are one of three validation activities designed to increase telecom, mobility and IT asset and service visibility and inventory accuracy. Site audits can occur at any time; however, performing them after financial and logical validations is common as these two audits provide a clear identification of a [...]

How does AOTMP define a Telecom / Mobility / IT Management Center of Excellence?

A Telecom / Mobility / IT Management Center of Excellence (CoE) is a group or team that collaborates and utilizes best practices around a specific focus area or business practice to drive business results. An organization is recognized by AOTMP as a certified CoE by having an Efficiency First® Performance Index score of at least [...]

How does AOTMP Define Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)?

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is the comprehensive set of enterprise-wide mobility related people, processes, policies, vendors and technologies involved in managing the lifecycle of all mobile devices, M2M and IoT connected endpoints, networks, services and applications. Vendors supporting EMM offer: Software – Cybersecurity, Mobile Application Management (MAM), Mobile Content Management (MCM), Mobile Device Management (MDM), [...]

How does AOTMP’s Efficiency First® methodology complement other continuous improvement disciplines such as Six Sigma, Agile, LEAN and ITIL?

The Efficiency First® Framework, like many other continuous improvement methodologies, drives process and performance improvements. The Efficiency First® Framework differs from other disciplines in that it is specifically designed to support telecom, mobility and IT management practices. Organizations that have implemented these, and other continuous improvement methodologies will find Efficiency First® Framework principles familiar, with [...]

Is a short term or long-term contract with my vendor better in terms of cost savings?

You have the opportunity to save money over time with short-term contracts. This concept is counter to the philosophy that discounts and prices improve only as the contract term is extended. So how can short-term contracts improve savings opportunities over long-term contracts? The key to this concept is negotiations opportunity. The more often a contract [...]

Is it best to use one or multiple TEM vendors to manage technology expense?

A single vendor supporting all technology expense is ideal for creating a single, consolidated view of expenses and the components that comprise expenses (assets, services, features, configurations, one-time charges, credits, etc.), while eliminating the need to manage multiple vendors. In the event multiple vendors are selected to manage expense, integration between solutions and/or third-party software [...]

Is MDM software necessary to manage mobile devices?

Some enterprises choose to manage access to applications and systems versus managing devices, which gives the appearance of device management. This approach does not address securing devices or content stored on devices. So, if device control is a business requirement, AOTMP recommends deploying MDM software. ← Return to Industry Stances Contact us to learn more [...]