Information Technology Service Management Industry: 2017 Market Landscape

Information Technology Service Management Industry: 2017 Market Landscape

IT service management software allows enterprises to streamline procurement, assignment, delivery and support for a range of devices and services. However, organizations’ use of such platforms runs the gamut. In this Market Landscape research report, AOTMP explores ITSM features, functionality and enterprise use cases to shed light on opportunities for enterprises to use the software for maximum business impact. The report also will contain ITSM vendor profiles each with AOTMP’s perspective, so organizations can vet for best fit. Analysis for this research will incorporate data gathered from one-on-one briefings with vendors, interviews with enterprises, and enterprise research questionnaires.


Scott is heavily involved in AOTMP’s Performance Scoring and Research teams. In his role, he helps organizations understand their current financial, operational and technical efficiency position relative to industry peers in order to identify areas of strength and opportunity.

He also serves as subject matter expert and consultant for AOTMP’s Research & Advisory solution, helping both enterprises and vendors  confront and mitigate the challenges that exist within their organizations while improving understanding of fixed and mobile telecom management trends that drive the industry. With over 20 years of telecom and IT management industry experience, Scott has authored numerous publications and served as a featured presenter in many speaking engagements within the practice of fixed and mobile telecom management.

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