What are roundtable sessions?

Roundtables are peer-to-peer group discussions exploring experiences and lessons learned across a wide variety of industry hot topics. Each roundtable is an immersive exploration of an industry topic.

What are the topics and how were they chosen?

We selected topics based on member input, enterprise attendee requests, and industry research into the most popular topics. We’ve chosen nine:

  • 5G/Edge Computing
  • Audit & Optimization
  • Business Alignment
  • Business Value Reporting
  • Data Privacy
  • Expense Management
  • IoT/M2M
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Unified Endpoint Management

How many roundtable sessions will be at Engage 2022?

There are three hour-long roundtable sessions on the agenda each with six table topics. This allows attendees to participate in multiple roundtables during the event.

What’s the level of experience with the topic required? Who can participate in roundtables?

The purpose is peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. The best part is that there are no experience qualifications required! Whether you are a novice and have questions about the topics or are an expert and wish to share your experiences with others, roundtables are for you. Roundtables are for enterprise attendees only (no vendors, exhibitors, or sponsors).

What do you like best about roundtables? Why would you encourage people to attend?

Roundtables have been one of my favorite event experiences from past AOTMP® events. Each is highly engaging and authentic. Ideas and information flows freely and they are a great format to build knowledge and lasting relationships with industry peers.

Photo of Tim Colwell
Tim is Executive vice President at AOTMP®.

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