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Written by
Timothy C. Colwell
Timothy is Executive Vice President at AOTMP®

Customers initiate business relationships with telecom, mobility, and IT vendors and suppliers based on capabilities, features, price, and availability of solutions matched against business needs. Solution performance has long been, and will remain to be, critical when assessing the value of these relationships; however, experience performance is quickly becoming a dominant factor in total partnership value assessment.

A great solution at a great price is no longer enough to satisfy customers. Customers demand more from business relationships; they demand partnership. True partnerships are built upon an experience first approach rooted in adding value beyond the solution itself. Value may take several forms including guidance, recommendations, and support during the pre- and post-sale stages of the relationship. Responsiveness, familiarity, and empathy are additional characteristics that shape partnership experiences throughout.

Customers seeking elevated value will partner with vendors and suppliers that possess an experience first mindset and deliver against their commitments; actions speak louder than words in all partnerships. When this occurs, experience first emerges as the new partnership standard for all telecom, mobility, and IT management professionals and the industry as a whole.

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