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Welcome to AOTMP® Insights, the resource for telecom, mobility, and IT technology management professionals across the globe. There are more than 10 million of you and, as you know, we are looking to bring more and more of you together to help advance careers, advance departments, and bring more overall value to your respective organizations while also growing the industry.

First, Happy New Year to all of you.

2022 is in the rear-view mirror and opportunities lie ahead in 2023. Our goals have been set and our new year resolutions and commitments are underway.

Speaking of resolutions, what percentage of resolutions do you think we keep and meet? Do we keep 90% of them or 10% of them? Maybe 25%? I would love to hear your thoughts.

I will never forget not that many years ago when a colleague and I played racquetball regularly once or twice a week over the course of many years. We loved the game, and you just wouldn’t think you would get that much of a workout on such a small court. It is quite intense. We would get in our three games every night and racked up hundreds of games over time, each with a pretty close to equal wins and losses ratio. And we kept track of all of it, being the competitive guys we are. We played in various locations but mostly at our local YMCA. Keep in mind this was over many years.

It was always interesting to watch what happened every year. In January, we would see the place packed. Everyone had their new workout outfits. They were decked out with the newest shoes and of course carried everything in their new bags and backpacks. It was amazing. Everyone was ready to get after it. The place was taken over by all the newbies as us regulars just passed our time and watched and waited.

By the middle of January, we lost a third of the newbie crowd. By the end of January, we lost half the crowd. By February, we were down to only 20% of the newbie crowd and by April, only 5% of them were left, and some years, not even that. We watched this same thing year after year.

So, what’s the point? Don’t try to change your world in a sprint. Don’t try to go from 0 to 60 in a few days. Life is a journey. Every year is a journey. Your career is a journey. Don’t try to change the world overnight. Some can go cold-turkey and make it happen. Most can’t. Instead, set milestones. Ramp up to your goals. Do what you know you can do and will commit to do. Just start. Don’t start and quit. And why January 1st? Why not July 12th, or any other date? What are your thoughts? Wishing everyone success in their 2023 journey. Let me know about yours. A couple of quick dates to add to your calendar this year.

April 30 to May 4 – Business users should register for AOTMP® Engage 2023, our 15th annual conference over the past 17 years. Check it out.

September 12 to 14 – Back due to popular demand from our business and vendor customers, we will be having our 2nd annual Industry Solution Showcase. More information coming soon.

3rd Thursday of each month – AOTMP® professional and corporate members should attend the monthly member meetings. Check it out.

1st Wednesday of each month – Join other participants in our Women in Tech meeting, where other women discuss important topics in their journey. Check it out.

And if you were one of the those who didn’t get to read the most popular content in our 19-year history, check out the 8-part series, The Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Industry Has to Change. And make sure to thank the Industry Growth Partners who made it possible.

And finally, watch later this month for our first eBook, The CEO & CIO Blueprint for Extracting More Business Value from Telecom, Mobility & IT Management in 2023. Timothy C. Colwell, our EVP, and I are collaborating with a number of industry ally partners to illustrate how we can increase the value of the telecom, mobility, and IT management industry and continue to position it as a greater asset to every organization. It will be must-read content.

That’s it for now. Reach out and let me know about your journey and what you are committing too.
And most importantly, enjoy the holiday season.

Until next time,

Tim Lybrook, CEO
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