Hello Fellow Industry Professionals, 

Welcome to the 25th edition of AOTMP® Insights, the new and improved resource for telecom, mobility, and IT technology management professionals across the globe.  

It will be hard to top the June edition that featured 34 amazing women as part of our Women in Tech program. Their stories, their journeys, and the inspiration they brought to our readers was unbelievable. In fact, the readership far exceeded any edition we have ever had.  

The Women in Tech program is just one of many initiatives we continue to advance to support industry professionals. Another is this publication. AOTMP® Insights has had a great run so far, but we are always looking to improve the reader experience and take it to a new level.    

As you can see, the previous “electronic publication” with the pages you flip through is gone, and we have transitioned to publishing everything on our website as online content. Based on reader feedback, we wanted something easier to read, easier to view on a mobile device, and something that can provide a lot more opportunities for the reader. So, here we are. We would love to hear your thoughts. You can be assured your thoughts will be heard, and we will never stop improving based on your feedback. 

By now I am sure you have read about our Industry Solutions Showcase taking place July 27-28. This live online event will feature best practices, some of the newest solutions from vendors in the industry, and much more. The event will conclude with the AOTMP® industry vendor awards. You can see the finalists here. If you are a business user, check it out and register today—it’s free. If you are a vendor, there are only a few days left to get involved and present your solutions and recommended best practices. Learn more here, and I hope to see you there.  

Watch this column next month as I talk about many of the other upcoming changes and initiatives we have planned for 2022 to support you, a telecom, mobility, & IT management industry professional. It’s all about helping you, your department, your team, and your company advance.  

As always, keep your foot on the gas and never look back.  


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Tim is the Founder & CEO of AOTMP®

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