Last June, we first recognized Women in Tech in Insights. It was the most popular issue of the year, by far. The readership was nearly 4x anything we had seen previously. As we launch this issue, there still has not been anything close. That tells you something.

Women in Tech is a powerful global initiative for many organizations, and we are very proud and honored to feature 34 outstanding women in this month’s issue. The submissions this year were more than double last year, and we expect them to continue to increase substantially each year as we bring more visibility to the initiative.

Some of the stories are just unbelievable. Some will bring tears to your eyes, and some will amaze you. But they all have one thing in common. They are all amazing in their own way. They each offer a unique path for others to strive for. These are truly outstanding women. Read on to see for yourself.

With the interest we are seeing in Women in Tech, I am happy to announce we will be featuring outstanding women each quarter – September, December, March, and June. We decided this was too important of an initiative just to bring attention to it once a year.

And one other big announcement, which really pales in comparison to Women in Tech: we will be moving this publication to be online on our website only. Based on reader feedback, we wanted something easier to read, easier to view on a mobile device, and something that can provide a lot more reader opportunities. That said, you will see this publication, as it is today, go away and reappear on our website for the July 10th issue. And of course, if you are one of the 80,000 professionals on our distribution list, we will keep you posted.

For now, enjoy the stories of the outstanding women being featured this month.

As always, keep your foot on the gas and don’t drive by looking in the rear-view mirror.


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