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Welcome to AOTMP® Insights, the resource for telecom, mobility, and IT technology management professionals across the globe. There are more than 10 million of you and, as you know, we are looking to bring more and more of you together to help advance careers, advance departments, and bring more overall value to your respective organizations. Last month I spoke about a few of our current programs that you can get involved in at no cost. But thanks to feedback from our readers, customers, and members we have a number of exciting new initiatives on the drawing board for 2023.

Before I get into those, I just have to send a big thank you for the hundreds of emails we have received regarding our current 8-part article series, The Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Industry Has to Change. The responses have been very positive and far exceeded my expectations. If you have not had time to check it out, you can link to it below.

Introduction (published in August)
Part 1 – The Industry (published in September)
Part 2 – Value Beyond Cost Savings (published in September)
Part 3 – The Buy and Sell Process (published in October)
Part 4 – The Dichotomy of Savings (published in October)
Part 5 – The Buyer and Seller Relationship (published in November)
Part 6 – Building a Center of Excellence (published in November)
Part 7 – Message to the Buyers (published in December)
Part 8 – Message to the Sellers (published in December)

Now, back to a few of the additional projects in the planning stage for 2023. We are very excited about these because they support you – the industry professionals who make up the telecom, mobility, and IT management industry.

  • eBook – The CEO & CIO Blueprint for Extracting More Business Value from Telecom, Mobility & IT Management in 2023
  • Business Case Guide Series – Help support the business case for solutions supporting over 25 different telecom, mobility, and IT management workflows outlined in the AOTMP® Efficiency First® Framework
  • Best Practices Series – Best practices are covered in over 25 different telecom, mobility, and IT management workflows outlined in the AOTMP® Efficiency First® Framework
  • Business and Vendor Matchmaking – Find the appropriate vendors based on your environment profile, needs, and vendor solutions


And finally, don’t forget to check out AOTMP® Engage 2023 and get registered today. The focus will be on IT Expense Management, IT Procurement, and Mobility Management. Over 50 sessions, industry awards, hot new solutions, women in tech conference, and so much more.

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