telecom management performance

The Keys to Measuring Telecom Management Team Performance

When AOTMP® asks enterprises how they measure telecom, mobility, and IT management performance, many say cost savings is the primary metric in which performance is assessed. Although cost savings is important, this metric is not a true indicator of overall telecom effectiveness. There are several factors that significantly influence the performance, productivity, and efficiency of a telecom practice that need to be evaluated and measured.

One of these elements is team performance.
Team performance, according to AOTMP®, is about how well the skill sets of those responsible for telecom activities are assessed and aligned with the tasks they are performing. Team performance also covers how well individuals have been trained for their roles and how they could benefit from training.

To sum it up, team performance is all about how efficiently staff members perform their jobs every day. Team performance needs to be measured and optimized to maximize telecom, mobility and IT management.

When you think about measuring telecom’s effectiveness, don’t forget about the people and teams involved in telecom management activities. Optimizing your staff and putting them in a position to succeed will have a significant impact on the overall performance of your telecom management practice — as well as move you closer to becoming a Center of Excellence.