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Privacy Matters: The Global Impact of the CCPA

The California Constitution was amended in 1972 to include privacy as an inalienable right for all people. At the time, the focus was on affording individuals control over the use and sale of their personal inf...

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The Impact of Carrier Terms of Service Changes

Telecommunications carriers amend terms of services from time to time.  They provide change notices to customers via postal mail, printed on an invoice, or as an electronic alert in a billing portal. Reading an...

Blog Privacy Matters

Privacy Matters: How Much Do Your Employees Know About Data Privacy?

Your employees need to know the most about data protection laws and how they affect them. Nearly every single person in an enterprise business environment is touched by some aspect of these laws. The biggest on...

Blog Privacy Matters

Privacy Matters: Guidelines Issued on Privacy Policies (Netherlands)

The first question that may come to mind is: why should I care about The Netherlands issuing guidelines on privacy policies? The answer is simple. The Netherlands, and all other 27 EU member states’ DPAs ...

Blog Privacy Matters

Privacy Matters: While You Were Sleeping on GDPR, PSD2 May Be Sneaking Up On You

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is all the rage. It’s the hottest legislation on the privacy block, but it’s not the only one. While everyone was sleeping on whether or not they could ...

Blog Privacy Matters

Privacy Matters: How Tech Giants Are Gutting CCPA

It’s 2019. Everyone is buzzing about data privacy and security and the impact that it has on your business practices. No one, and I mean no one, is immune to any privacy law that is in effect these days. ...

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The New Asset & Service Inventory Paradigm

One of the most complex aspects of every telecom, mobility and IT management practice is maintaining an accurate inventory of technology assets and services. Accuracy is king, but change introduced by the likes...


AOTMP® Equips Website with W3C Accessibility Standards Tool

As AOTMP® continues to grow its online presence, it recognizes the need for the adoption of W3C accessibility standards for handicapable persons across the globe. As such, AOTMP has implemented a new accessibil...


Guide: Implementing VoIP

An organization should put tremendous thought into their VoIP deployment. When planning a VoIP deployment, consider which option is right for organizational structure and objectives. AOTMP has put together a ph...

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GDPR Compliance Free Checklist

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) continues to gain attention in 2019. As more companies globally begin to fully understand the constraints and potential repercussions of GDPR, the need to gain info...