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5G Is Transformational but What Are Enterprises to Do with All That Hype?

Strategy is a core telecom management activity, and principles of the Efficiency First® Framework dictate that positioning technology as a strategic contributor to the business means identifying and aligning wi...


Identifying, Abolishing the Top 3 Telecom/IT/Mobility Management Misconceptions

Any endeavor can thrive or die by perception. The people who run telecom/IT/mobility management know, probably better than most, how true that is. That’s because they face rampant misconceptions about their wor...


Who Is Accountable for Telecom Management Results?

The single greatest inhibitor to optimal enterprise telecom management performance is the lack of established accountability for performance results; a single accountability owner for all telecom management res...


Improving Your Value as a Telecom Vendor

As a brief follow-up to my last post, which touched on “TEM TAM”, a few people questioned the current market size for TEM (Telecom Expense Management). I assume this is because a quick ‘back of the envelope’ ca...


Take My Vendor… Please

Henny Youngman’s most famous one-liner, “Take my wife…please,” makes me chuckle every time I hear it. It’s the classic redirect. Initially, you believe it’s the start of a charming anecdote or perhaps an accola...


Mobile Security – A Very Scary World

Last month, AOTMP’s Telecom Management Industry Update started exploring mobile security and enterprises’ tendency to react to intrusions and problems, rather than employ proactive strategies. One area that sto...


Why Does the Telecom Management Industry Exist?

A Conversation, Series of Recollections, and a Slew of Acronyms  Many years ago, when I was planning on entering college and, more specifically, having to choose a college major. Unsure of what direct...


Ask the Telecom Pro | BYOD Call Records | Property Tax Allotment

Q: Can I obtain call records from carriers for my BYOD mobile users? A: While employers with BYOD users may require users to submit call records to prove expense reports are for valid business calls, employers ...


Signal Private Messenger App

With total end-to-end encryption, Signal Private Messenger is the most secure messaging app to date. While total privacy is highly desired, enterprises may want a version that gives them oversight of the messag...


Comcast as A Wireless Provider

Comcast to focus on offering wireless cellular services to their 27.7 million cable TV & internet customers. They will also leverage access to their 15 million Wi-Fi hotspots. Longer term, Comcast may lever...