Performance Management Explained: Is it CPM or EPM?


Performance Management Explained: Is it CPM or EPM?

Performance management is the process of continuous improvement to align with an organization’s objectives.

But what’s in a name? There are a bevy of buzzwords all describing the same goal: Getting better at what we do.

Whether it is corporate performance management (CPM) or enterprise performance management (EPM), it basically identifies the same outcome.

Now, there are some who will say EPM or CPM solutions are only software. At AOTMP®, we don’t believe that. Optimizing performance management is a multi-faceted initiative that can take any form as long as it shows continuous improvement.

That was the thinking in our latest solution when we named it Performance First for Teams. We wanted a name that was clear as to the benefit to our 24-month subscription program that improves a team through education, analytics and best practices.

Corporations are always going to strive for improvement and the main objective of telecom/mobility/IT management is continuous improvement. This is why we introduced Performance First for Teams. It’s all based on our patented Efficiency First® Framework, which deals with the 750+ potential points of inefficiency in fixed, mobile and IT telecom environments.

Every strategy is designed to optimize the people in your telecom team to do more and to do it better. It includes a snapshot of where you are now and recommendations from AOTMP experts to improve. We think of it as a roadmap to a center of excellence.

Whatever method of continuous improvement you are currently using — Six Sigma, Agile Management, Kaizen, Hoshin or Poka-Yoka — talk to us to upgrade the performance of your telecom, mobility, and IT management environment.