What is Enterprise Performance Management?


What is Enterprise Performance Management?

Enterprise performance management (EPM) is the process of analyzing and monitoring performance then taking action on trends across the enterprise.

While this may sound easy, anyone who has worked in an enterprise knows there are hurdles involved.  And this is particularly true in today’s rapidly evolving telecom, mobility and IT environment. According to CIOReview:

“EPM adds a great value for organizations in not only analyzing and monitoring business performance but also in improving workflow and process control. An EPM solution also provides continuous evaluation, planning, execution, and feedback collection, to bring a competitive edge to enterprises through its ability to identify failures and opportunities.”

AOTMP® was recently honored by CIOReview Magazine as one of the 20 most promising Enterprise Performance Management solution providers for 2018. This national award validates AOTMP®’s Efficiency First® Framework that provides analytics and forecasting solutions in order to assist organizations in optimizing their telecom,mobility, and IT management environment.

“Most enterprises, these days, have to tap into digital transformation and imbibe it in their workflow to support rapidly shifting business strategy. Therefore, it is imperative for organizations to be aware of the performance metrics in today’s fast-evolving landscape.”

The AOTMP® Efficiency First® Framework provides a disciplined and best practice approach for managing a telecom, mobility, and IT management environment. The Efficiency First® Framework is supported by the Efficiency First® Engine, a team of Efficiency First® Experts, and Efficiency First® Certified Vendors. Outcomes of the implemented framework is measured at the highest level with the Efficiency First® Performance Index. 

The Efficiency First® Framework is AOTMP®’s guiding approach and the foundation of all our solutions. Talk to one of our experts to see how your organization can adopt it and your solutions to it.