Take a deeper look into your technology management environment with

IT Assets & Services Validation


Understand your technology management services, technologies, and usage better than ever before.

AOTMP® understands what works and what doesn’t. Our IT Assets & Services Validation gives you with greater insight as the final step to finishing your Baseline & Validation.

Authenticate your assets, equipment, licenses, software products, and connected devices to understand your entire telecom, mobility, and IT management estate.

Our IT Assets & Services Validation includes forensic physical site auditing to increase the validity of your initial baseline. Once all your services are identified, our IT Assets & Services Validation team analyzes the structure, cost, procurement procedures, and utilization used to make your peak efficiency possible.

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Why do you need AOTMP® IT Assets & Services Validation?

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    Actualized Cost Savings

    You’re probably spending way too much on technology management. Often, organizations pay for services on hundreds or thousands of inactive lines, devices, and users. Baseline & Validation helps you identify these opportunities and actualize cost savings.

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  • inventory

    Managed Inventories

    Sometimes, you just don’t know what you have. Employees come and go, but their devices don’t. With an updated and accurate technology inventory, your organization will gain greater insight into what’s being paid for, what your workforce needs, and where your vulnerabilities exist. 

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    Measurable Results

    Understand your performance efficiencies with KPIs and a dashboard that provides actionable improvement recommendations. Before you can transform your business, validating your practices against a set of tangible data is often the first step in realizing efficiency.

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