According to an AOTMP® Research market sizing study, 436,000 organizations will spend $4 trillion globally on telecom, IT, and mobility assets, services, and licenses in 2020.

That said, at first glance investment on this scale may make the question in the title seem ludicrous. the IT department is needed to engineer, order, configure, deliver, repair, and decommission all assets, services, and licenses across the business. That makes IT relevant, right? There is no argument that each IT function is needed, but that does not mean that IT is automatically relevant in the eyes of the business. The IT department is no longer an organization’s sole source for technology, so recalibrating the definition of relevance is required for these teams to remain in place as a valued business partner.

Answering the relevance question requires perspective. For example, digital transformation requires significant operational effort, yet business stakeholders focus on results not effort; stakeholders are interested in the business value transformation has delivered. Start by challenging the status quo on engagement. Technology can be used to redefine experiences for internal customers as well as external customers. Experiences that improve engagement can directly contribute to greater productivity which, in turn, impacts the bottom line.

To remain relevant, IT needs to flip the value narrative by focusing on changing the fundamental way in which business is conducted, flawlessly executing on change, and reporting business value delivered through change.

IT departmentHowever, flipping your IT department’s value narrative is easier said than done. If attempted alone, technology teams often find themselves failing to deliver the ongoing value their organizations need. Fortunately, we can help! AOTMP® University’s Executing & Monitoring Change Course has made it possible for thousands of IT professionals introduce greater efficiency, productivity, and performance – and we’re confident it can make you a success story, too.

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Timothy C. Colwell
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