AOTMP®'s leadership has a tenure of over four decades in the telecom, mobility and IT management industry. Our leadership is unparalleled in its expertise, experience and insight.

Executive Team

Tim_Lybrook 2

Tim Lybrook
Chief Executive Officer

As AOTMP®’s founder, Tim is responsible for guiding corporate strategy and vision. Tim leads AOTMP® initiatives while focusing on business development, service innovation, finance and global expansion. Additionally, Tim plays a pivotal role in AOTMP®’s partnerships with many of its largest customers.


Timothy C. Colwell
Executive Vice President

Timothy directs AOTMP®’s Global Business Analytics, Performance Management and Performance Scoring teams. He is the lead innovation architect for AOTMP®’s Efficiency First® Framework, a disciplined, best practice-driven approach to managing fixed and mobile telecom environments.


Ashley E. Kelm
Senior Vice President, Global Delivery

With over 15 years of experience within telecom and operational executive-level roles, Ashley is responsible for leading our global enterprise Service Delivery and Program Management teams. She has held positions within several TEM vendor organizations and the BPO industry focusing on telecom, customer service, and medical outsourcing operations.

Wayne Retouched

Wayne DeCesaris
Chief Revenue Officer

Wayne joins AOTMP® with over two decades worth of experience in helping enterprises management mobility, network, and cloud asset management. For the last decade, he has been a sales guru—leading sales and solutions teams to help enterprise IT executives adopt SaaS and managed service solutions as a key component upon which to enable their digital transformations. At AOTMP®, Wayne leads the enterprise sales, vendor sales, and business development teams as they work to assist enterprises in adopting and vendors in aligning to best practices.


Jessica Heffernan
Vice President, Corporate Strategy–Human Resources

Jessica joins AOTMP®, with 15 years of human resource experience, including 13 years in an executive leadership role. Jessica is helping to accelerate AOTMP®’s growth strategy through leadership development, attracting and developing the best talent and building a culture of engagement and innovation.

Management Team


Will Nankivell
Vice President, Enterprise Solutions

Will has over 20 years IT sales and service, and is responsible for leading AOTMP’s enterprise sales team. As VP and GM of Mobility Services at Calero (formerly Movero/Integrated Mobile), he launched a new Service Delivery organization based on ITIL standards and focused on the client.


Mike Zobitz
Director of Sales

Mike began his career as a salesperson passionate about evolving his understanding of the sales and business negotiation processes and psychology. He joined AOTMP® having a background of over two decades in sales and sales management experience for international research and advisory providers to run one of our three sales organizations.


Andy Markle
Director of Marketing & Product Management

Andy joined with more than a decade in brand and product marketing for major corporations and startups. His team is focused on acting as a buttress for sales and working to propelling the company through its international expansion. Further, Andy shepherds customers through the journey to maximizing their investments to help them achieve desired outcomes.