For more than 100 years, this automotive manufacturer has been pushing the limits of transportation and its technologies. Through its numerous brands, this organization operates across 35 countries to build more than eight million vehicles every year – and relies on advanced telecom, mobility, and IT management initiatives to maintain its position as the industry’s most innovative, technology-fueled organization.




Telecom Expense Management, Enterprise Mobility Management, Unified Endpoint Management, IoT, Cloud, and Machine Learning


As this manufacturer creates new efficiencies, more cost-effective processes, and the world’s most advanced vehicles,  it faces several business challenges that require experienced training to overcome:

  • Lack of optimal workforce performance, productivity, and efficiency
  • Technology management skill and knowledge gaps
  • Inability to automate time- and resource-intensive business processes
  • Lack of expertise to create global cost savings


This organization purchased an AOTMP® University subscription for its technology management team to take advantage of nearly two decades of telecom, mobility, and IT management industry knowledge. Now, its employees have the high-level insights, global best practices, and role-specific strategies they need to drive productivity, performance, and efficiency through digital transformation.

Prior to our solution’s implementation, this organization lacked the experience and training tools necessary to advance its operations teams’ technology management initiatives. However, AOTMP® University established actionable strategies and best practices to make advanced initiatives like robotics, preventative maintenance, and real-time data analytics possible.

“Before AOTMP® University, our management team was overwhelmed by the prospect of deploying new technologies globally. It was impossible for us to integrate advanced initiatives like IoT and automation strategically. Today, everything has changed. We wouldn’t be where we are without AOTMP® University.”

— Senior Director of Global Operations


After rolling out AOTMP® University, this manufacturer has significantly improved its workforce expertise in all things telecom, mobility, and IT management. Employees are excited to learn skills and insights that can not only improve business efficiency, but help individuals grow and develop the capabilities needed to create global competitive advantages every day.

“AOTMP® University has been instrumental in helping us establish consistent business processes, employee career growth, and organizational efficiency. The curriculum’s online courses and technology certifications have positioned us as a leader in the marketplace, but also as one of the industry’s most attractive companies in terms of acquiring and retaining key talent.”

— Chief Human Resources Officer

Going forward, this organization aims to use AOTMP® University as a strategic tool for business growth. The manufacturer has experienced value and a return on investment that exceeded their initial expectations. Even today, the organization continues to uncover new ways it can leverage our role-specific training tools to deliver exceptional employee benefits and increased job satisfaction.


This organization isn’t our only success story. Learn how AOTMP® University’s online curriculum, on-demand course offerings, and global certification platform satisfies all your telecom, mobility, and IT management needs.

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