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An AOTMP® Professional membership connects you with thought leaders to help you deepen existing business relationships and forge lasting ties with fellow members who have the same professional interests and business concerns as you.

Professional Members get more.

  • AOTMP Insights Unlimited

    Unlimited access to articles, news, best practices and more.

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    Display your membership badge anywhere to promote your industry comittment.

  • AOTMP Connect Online Community

    Discover solutions, connect with other members, see upcoming events More features being added all the time!

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  • Corporate and Professional Lounge Acesss

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  • AI Match Making

    Get AI recommended connections to other business members based on your interests.

Who should become a Professional Member?

If you are involved with managing and supporting a business’ internal telecom, mobility, and IT technology, and want to engage and network with others in your industry, going Pro is for you.

Business can be any size​. Telecom / Mobility / IT spend is NOT a qualifier for membership

Public Sector Organizations

  • Government (Local, State, Federal)​
  • Education (K-12, Higher Education)​
  • Not-for-Profit

Business Organizations

  • SMBs​
  • Emerging Market Businesses​
  • Mid-Market Businesses​
  • Enterprise Businesses​
  • Multi-National Corporations​

I’m very interested in getting input from customers & vendors on their inventory challenges.

Ann Flynn
IQ Telecom

I joined AOTMP® to be part of driving positive change in the telecom industry. I want to have a seat at the table, and a voice in driving improvement in the industry.

Serene Stash

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