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One of the best steps you can take in growing your company, increasing your brand exposure or learning about your audience, is to get involved. As an AOTMP® Vendor member you become part of a talented community with access to connections, resources, and professional development to help you become and stay successful in the industry.

Step one is to JUST GET STARTED.


The features of an AOTMP® membership are many, but the benefits are immeasurable. We help service providers reach the customers that are most interested in their products, and achieve a valuable sense of involvement in the industry.

We’ve been at this for a long time. Nearly 2 decades of deep industry experience helping some of the world’s largest companies shatter their goals, up-skill large teams and manage change in mission critical environments, has led to the development of our Efficiency First Framework which sets the industry standards for excellence.


  • Access to AOTMP Connect
  • Join Working Groups
  • Review Industry Trends & Topics
  • Solve Problems & Set Standards


  • Recognition at Member Meetings
  • Digital Badges
  • Inclusion in Member Directory
  • AOTMP® Insights Subscription

Why you!

As a leader in the industry, YOU MATTER. Your expertise and experience are valuable to others.  Subject matter experts like you have a home at AOTMP®.  A place to learn, teach or both, and we are genuinely excited to invite you to join our community.

Investing in yourself by joining a professional community is the most overlooked, yet most valuable thing you can do for the long term.

Why now!

Now, more than ever finding ways to stand out in a crowd is critical to long term success, and organic growth. Hundreds of members are collaborating every day about the problems they face – problems YOU can solve!


  • Everyday Tools & Templates
  • Best Practices
  • Case Studies & Use Cases
  • Career Development Opportunities

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AOTMP® Online Member Community

The AOTMP® Member Community is the central hub for members to collaborate with peers, organize group discussions, and access helpful resources that drive day to day excellence and efficiency. In the age of job consolidation, shorter resources and limited time, the AOTMP® membership community acts as an extension of your team – a go to resource for all things Telecom, Mobility and IT Management. 

Member Meetings

Member meetings take place four times per year. Two are in conjunction with our association conferences and two are standalone.

January 20, 2022

Member Meeting

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April 28, 2022

Member Meeting

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July 21, 2022

Member Meeting

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October 20, 2022

Member Meeting

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January 19, 2023

Member Meeting

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April 2023

Engage 2023

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