New AOTMP® eBook Informs & Inspires Leadership Action to Generate Better Business Results

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – January 25, 2023 For its global audience of businesses and their executives, AOTMP® has published an eBook illustrating the power of technology in modern business. The eBook highlights the role telecom, mobility, and IT management plays in elevating business performance through innovation and execution. CEOs, CIOs, and technology management professionals will benefit from reading twenty-one thought-provoking use cases that address critical business initiatives. Vendors will also benefit from reading this eBook by gaining new insights on what is top of mind for today’s CEOs and CIOs.

“AOTMP® views telecom, mobility, and IT management as a strategic asset that can be leveraged as a significant contributor to business results – results that CEOs, CIOs, and other business leaders care about,” said Timothy C. Colwell, AOTMP® Executive Vice President. “Technology’s transformational power isn’t innate, though. Activating technology to drive business results requires a telecom, mobility, and IT management practice built on the guiding principles of operational excellence, financial accountability, and technical integrity. This eBook illustrates how business value is delivered through innovation and partnership.”

The eBook provides use cases that illustrate the impact and business value delivered by telecom, mobility, and IT management across ten critical initiatives:
CEO Initiatives

  • People and Culture
  • Workforce Productivity
  • Innovation
  • Leveraging Technology
  • The Need for Speed

CIO Initiatives

  • Managing a Distributed Workforce
  • Leveraging the Cloud
  • Leveraging Data Analytics
  • Using Automation to Drive Efficiency
  • Risk Mitigation

The support and contributions of AOTMP® Executive Allies Asignet, Calero, Mindglobal, Sakon, Stratosphere Networks, Teligistics, and Tellennium made this eBook possible. AOTMP® Executive Allies contributed real-world examples of how telecom, mobility, and IT management practices and technology can contribute to measurable, positive business outcomes.

Download this free eBook here: The CEO & CIO Blueprint for Extracting More Business Value from Telecom, Mobility & IT Management in 2023

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