Q: Are payment terms negotiable with telecom carriers?

A: Yes. When negotiating payment terms and conditions for carrier and other vendor contracts, consider everything eligible for negotiation; there are no hard and fast rules prohibiting this type of negotiation. As competitive as the global carrier environment has become, your telecom procurement team has more power today than it ever has. That said, not all carriers will concede to requested payment terms. However, you may be able to achieve more equitable terms through negotiation.

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Q: Does the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulate cloud services providers?

A: Because of the technology’s relative newness, cloud services providers fall into “an FCC regulatory free arena”.  This means the FCC has no oversight or regulation where over-the-top video applications, instant messaging applications, online chat applications, social media platforms, streaming music applications, non-PSTN voice and video applications, or internet cloud offerings are concerned.

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Timothy C. Colwell