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AOTMP ResearchPerception Is Everything: Enterprises that See Telecom as Just a Cost Center Miss the Point

Too many organizations continue to view their telecom departments as cost centers, as shown in AOTMP’s latest research paper, “Perception Is Everything: Enterprises that See Telecom as Just a Cost Center Miss the Point.”

The good news is that more of these organizations are starting to see telecom, which often includes IT and mobility initiatives, in a strategic light. The advancement since 2014 – the last time AOTMP Research measured this area – indicates that a growing number of companies understand the telecom department must contribute to the business.

Perception is Everything

While four of out of five areas point to encouraging, positive momentum, the disappointment lies with the jump in opinion that telecom’s value is contingent on cost savings. That response increased by 5 percent compared to 2014, highlighting the telecom group’s ongoing fight for legitimacy as a revenue contributor.

“These perceptions need to change,” said Scott Lawrence, vice president of business analytics for AOTMP. Indeed, acceptance of the idea that telecom can and should act as a partner in achieving revenue and other business goals is happening in small, slow increments, arguably not enough to keep pace with the lightning fast advances in technology. Organization-wide improvements will come as telecom/IT initiatives align with business goals and objectives; as enterprises overcome inhibitors to promote, value and fund innovation; and as vendors serve as strategic assets to clients.

These are important areas to explore. If telecom initiatives do not align with an organization’s aim, then they turn into a burden rather than a tool for increasing revenue and efficiency. And if telecom does not contribute to business innovation, then everyone is missing out on a chance to capitalize on technology’s ability to cultivate constructive change. All of this requires financial outlay, of course, and enterprises need to understand the importance of spending money to make money through telecom and IT. Some of that requires leaning on vendors, some of it means giving internal experts more freedom to dream and act.

Find out what respondents said on each of these points, and get the big picture on how the telecom department should position itself as critical to the overall success of the enterprise, with an AOTMP Research subscription.

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