Performance Scoring & Analytics

AOTMP®'s core differentiator is Performance Scoring & Analytics. Our data science team is always at work analyzing hundreds of thousands of points of data in order to better support our best practices and our solutions.

It’s all about data. It’s that simple.

Data drives everything in the world around us, so why not your telecom, mobility and information technology environment? It’s really that simple. We collect data across the globe, we analyze it and then process it so that we can apply it to your environment.

We know what works and what doesn’t work simply because we’ve been collecting and processing this data for years. In the information era, we keep pushing for more and more analytics to make informed business decisions. So why not base your business model on data? That’s what we did. That’s why there’s AOTMP® Performance Scoring & Analytics.

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    Data Experts

    Our data science experts have tons of experience in designing, developing and maintaining data lakes of information that have been collected over the two decades of AOTMP®‘s existence. Our experts compile and process data to support our major initiatives, including the Efficiency First® Framework.

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    Proprietary Framework

    Our proprietary and patented Efficiency First® Framework is a disciplined and best practice-driven approach for managing your environment. Framework principles drive peak performance and are the foundation for all of AOTMP®’s solutions. Enterprises adopt and vendors align.

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    AOTMP® has developed a telecom, mobility and information technology management ecosystem that is comprised of three components: vendors, which can make a significant impact on the efficiency of the environment, the environment itself, and the business that the environment serves.

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    Centers of Excellence

    Centers of Excellence encompass the best practices and standards outlined by the Efficiency First® Framework. Providing relevant, actionable performance measurements and benchmarks as well as accentuating business risk mitigation, a CoE is all about providing greater value to the business by managing it differently.

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