AOTMP Q2 Research Agenda Announced

AOTMP Q2 Research Agenda Announced

News and Notes

AOTMP Research and its Blue Hill Research division have many new reports planned for 2018’s second quarter. We’re pleased to bring you topics that continue to add to our nine diverse practice areas, guiding vendors and enterprises in their mutual quest to support and serve as, respectively, telecom/mobility/technology management Centers of Excellence.

Along the way, we welcome your questions and curiosity via our Advisory Services. AOTMP Research not only provides data- and analyst perspective-driven materials but personalized consultations that elevate vendor and enterprise telecom/mobility/technology management operations to new heights. Contact Andrew Hartwyk, Senior Research Director, at +1 317 275 7237 or, for information.

The second quarter promises to be an exciting one. We look forward to working with and hearing from you.

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The AOTMP Research Team

Below is an overview of our upcoming Q2 Research. Visit our Research Agenda page for the most up to date information to learn what is available.

IoT / Telematics / VR / IoT Analytics Research Practice

Analyst Perspective: The New Stars of Augmented and Virtual Reality

Publication date: June 2018

More often than not, a software or hardware idea for AR/VR starts out as a consumer concept and then finds itself applicable to solving enterprise issues, many of which are driven and supported by IoT initiatives. This report looks at some of the important new players and considers the potential business impact of some of the new applications under development.

Analyst Perspective: Establishing a Baseline for Enterprise IoT Readiness

Publication date: May 2018

This report assesses the pulse of businesses relative to what enterprises understand about IoT, creating a baseline for enterprise IoT readiness and willingness to engage in IoT deployments over the next several years.

Cybersecurity Research Practice

Analyst Perspective: Establishing a Baseline for Cybersecurity Management in the Enterprise

Publication date: June 2018

Most enterprises, whether Fortune 500 companies, federal, state or local government agencies, or mid-size or small businesses face the potentially dire risk of attack by hyper-aggressive cyberhackers. Attacks can come in various forms: simple but costly business disruption; identity and technology theft; industrial espionage and more. Old security tools no longer work. This report considers whether cloud-based security offers the right path to replacing the old tools.

BI / Data Analytics / Machine Learning / AI Research Practice

Analyst Perspective: The Age of Enterprise Machine Learning and Chatbots is Here – What Your Startup Plan Needs to Deliver

Publication date: June 2018

Machine-learning implementations and chatbots-development cannot happen in a vacuum. Everything starts with raw data that must be prepared by business intelligence and predictive analytics engines for consumption. The prepared data then must be associated with specific business processes. Matching the prepared data and applying it to business processes forms the foundation for machine learning and chatbots implementation. This report provides the necessary game plan for delivering a robust and effective machine-learning implementation.

Mobile Application Development Research Practice

Analyst Perspective: Managing the Evolution of Mobile App Dev Platforms to Cloud-Driven MAD

Publication date: June 2018

This report provides information for, and analysis of, enterprise-side perspectives and expectations regarding existing and emerging ecosystems for mobile app development. It targets enterprise priorities for mobile app services and capabilities and adds actionable insight into enterprises’ understanding of agile app development in the following areas: mobility, micro apps, no- and low -code approaches, and the move to cloud-based ecosystems for delivery.

Enterprise Mobility Management Research Practice

Analyst Perspective: EMM: Balancing Corporate and BYOD Strategies

Publication date: May 2018

The mobility management department must strike the right balance between corporate and BYOD strategies. Influenced by the consumer market, and driven by user behavior, the enterprise must land on the right policies that enable employees while protecting the organization.  Shadow IT, rising hardware costs and the never-ending race to achieve high user satisfaction will keep the issue of balance at the top of the enterprise initiative list in 2018 and beyond.

Telecom / Mobility / Technology Management Ecosystem Research Practice

Analyst Perspective: Use Cases in How Telecom/IT Impact the Business  

Publication date: May 2018

This report contains real-life examples of how telecom, mobility and technology impact the business and drive overall revenue. One key example comes from the airline sector where many brands have replaced paper instructions for passengers with mobile counterparts. Companies save millions of dollars on paper costs as a result and benefit from mobility’s ease of use as a result. The report further discusses the impact of use cases and their evolution and the critical role of the telecom/mobility/technology management department in championing such change.

Telecom Expense Management Research Practice

Analyst Insight: The New Technologies of TEM: RPA, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Publication date: May 2018

As vendors build solutions that use leading-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing, enterprises want to know how to benefit from those capabilities. This report builds on The Short-Term Futures of TEM and MMS and answers that question for enterprises. It also explores how TEM and MMS vendors are supporting the aforementioned technologies.

Analyst Perspective: TEM Deployment Models: What Are the Trends?

Publication date: April 2018

Telecom management vendors offer different ways to deploy their products – through technology-only, host-and-load, managed services, full business-process outsourcing, and so on. This Analyst Perspective report explores the various models and also dives into what enterprises are doing the most. That way, their peers can compare and contrast approaches and best practices and figure out whether they need to make adjustments.

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