AOTMP Announces Initial 2018 Industry Council Topics

AOTMP Announces Initial 2018 Industry Council Topics

The AOTMP Industry Council offers an exclusive peer-to-peer network for telecom, mobility and technology professionals to collaborate and advance the industry

INDIANAPOLIS—17 May 2018—The AOTMP Industry Council announces meeting topics proposed by enterprise and vendor industry thought-leaders during the launch at AOTMP Summit 2018, as well as the agenda for the inaugural June 7 meeting. Highlights of topics the Council will explore over the coming year include:

  • The value lens of telecom and mobility for enterprises and vendors
  • Current and future legislation impacts on the horizon
  • The new technologies of TEM: AI, Machine Learning, etc.
  • Vendor accountability
  • Roadmap for lifecycle balance
  • New technology decision making and end of lifecycle management
  • Negotiation strategies

Holding vendors to SLAs

The AOTMP Industry Council is an exclusive peer-to-peer membership network for parties in the telecom, mobile, technology ecosystem to explore opportunities to drive digital transformation and enable positive business outcomes for members and advancement of the industry. Throughout the year, the Council will curate the highest quality of industry content, leading edge industry speakers and thought leaders, as well as concierge level networking opportunities with peers based on personal goals and objectives that help its members understand and capitalize on new value propositions and opportunities in the telecom management industry.

“The opportunity to provide an exclusive network for members to collaborate on opportunities to elevate the telecom management industry and share best practices around a focused technology ecosystem will be instrumental in evolving the industry and advancing the agenda for the Council.” said Timothy C. Colwell, EVP AOTMP. “The topics for each meeting will be driven by the members.”

The June 7 online meeting will be 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. EDT with the theme: “Elevating enterprise-vendor business relationship value in the telecom management ecosystem”
Management members will focus on these agenda topics:

  • Vendors supporting enterprise customers in defining the industry
  • Council level performance scorecards for enterprises
  • Council level performance scorecards for vendors
  • Council level performance scorecards for the industry

Operations members will focus on these topics:

  • Collaboration between vendors and enterprises
  • Enterprise partnership with the vendors
  • Understanding challenges of vendors
  • Understanding challenges of enterprises

The Council will continue to meet and collaborate online throughout the year on topics and content driven by its members.

Special Founding Member Pricing (between now and June 29, 2018 only) is 50% off the regular price for enterprises and vendors.  Members who join before June 29, 2018 will be issued a Founding Member logo.

About the AOTMP Industry Council

The AOTMP Industry Council brings members on the enterprise side and vendor side together in an optimal environment for collaboration.  The Council meets six times a year:

  • Two (2) Live Member Meetings per Year (April and October)
  • Four (4) Conference Calls Per Year (February, June, August and December)

The Council offer two tiers for both Enterprise and Vendor members. A management tier will be for those members responsible for Strategy, Technology/Mobility/Telecom workstream(s) and leading operations teams. An operations tier will be for members involved in execution within a business team. Offering different tiers within the council will allow AOTMP to provide the highest level of relevance and quality of interactions for each of its members.

For more information, visit the AOTMP Industry Council page.