AOTMP Industry Council Introduces Founding Member Lineup

AOTMP Industry Council Introduces Founding Member Lineup

The AOTMP Industry Council offers an exclusive peer-to-peer network for telecom, mobility and technology professionals to collaborate and advance the industry


INDIANAPOLIS—10 July 2018— AOTMP, a leading global information, services and advisory firm for next generation Telecom / Mobility / IT Management best practices and industry standards, has set its group of 20 founding members of The AOTMP Industry Council, who will serve as the foundation for the organization. The council is a body of telecom management professionals dedicated to helping shape the future of this quickly evolving environment.

“We are excited about the members who eagerly joined the council in only the last 45 days as our Founding Members,” AOTMP CEO Tim Lybrook said. “This group will set the stage for exploring new opportunities to advance the telecom, mobility and IT management industry and we look forward to adding many more members in the coming months. Between the Founding Members and future members, the group will explore the many possibilities for not only telecom environments and the vendors in the industry, but also for the businesses they serve.”

These members represent both enterprises and vendors in the Telecom/Mobility/IT Management Ecosystem, with representatives from management and operations to include all stakeholders in a telecom environment. To view the list of Founding Members, visit the AOTMP Industry Council Member page.

AOTMP Executive Vice President Timothy C. Colwell and Chief Content Officer Stacy Hiquet act as the council’s senior executives. They are responsible for launching the council, recruiting additional members, recruiting an executive director and establishing the meeting agendas. The objective will be to grow the membership to more than 500 members with global representation, as we already have started. The first virtual meeting will be Aug. 2. The following member-only meeting is the in-person council meeting Oct. 22-24 in Orlando. Details of the council meetings may be found here.

Below is list of topics the council determined as starting points based on meetings with enterprises and vendors at AOTMP Summit 2018:

  • The value lens of telecom and mobility for enterprises and vendors
  • Current and future legislation impacts on the horizon
  • The new technologies of TEM: AI, Machine Learning, etc.
  • Vendor accountability
  • Roadmap for lifecycle balance
  • New technology decision making and end of lifecycle management
  • Negotiation strategies

For more information about the AOTMP Industry Council or to become a member, visit the website.


AOTMP is a leading global information, services and advisory firm for next generation Telecom / Mobility / IT Management best practices and industry standards for organizations and the vendors who support them. Best practices cover network services, carrier services, mobility and IoT solutions, cloud solutions, software, hardware, and emerging technologies that impact telecom environment performance. Using information, data and compiled analytics from thousands of telecom environments worldwide, AOTMP solutions help enterprises drive performance, efficiency and productivity while significantly reducing costs; and help vendors provide a new level of value to their customers. AOTMP’s solutions are based on its patented Efficiency First® Framework methodology and are the foundation for Telecom / Mobility / IT Management Centers of Excellence being built across the globe. For more information, visit