This certification verifies AOTMP® Master Certified candidates understand Efficiency First® Framework best practices and Center of Excellence principles and they can apply this knowledge to build and maintain a Center of Excellence (CoE). AOTMP® Master Certified professionals have a comprehensive understanding of each stage of Efficiency First® Framework adoption and how to navigate and implement requirements in each stage:

  • Stage 1: Design
    1. Business sponsorship
    2. Overall Center of Excellence accountability
    3. Accountable for discipline pillars and teams
    4. Business and Center of Excellence representatives guiding results
    5. An accountability matrix
    6. Practices and principles promoting technical, financial, and operational management efficiency, and business results
  • Stage 2: Deploy
    1. Single vision, single mission
    2. Center of Excellence funding approach
    3. Business rules guiding strategy, policy guiding users
    4. Documentation unifying process, defining ideal state
    5. Operational, financial, technical, and business transparency
  • Stage 3: Mature
    1. Center of Excellence maturity and performance diagnostic dashboards
    2. Persistent evaluation and improvement cycles
    3. Business innovation using emerging and evolving technology
    4. Value recognition from the business

Includes one (1) Efficiency First® Framework Guidebook (digital edition) and one (1) AOTMP® Master Certified Exam. AOTMP® Credits sold separately.

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