Cloud Management I


This AOTMP® University Training Bundle includes six (6) courses that offer foundational cloud management best practices.


This AOTMP® University Training Bundle includes six (6) courses that offer foundational cloud management best practices.

(TCP) The Cloud: A Primer
The cloud is becoming increasingly important in telecom strategy. This course identifies the characteristics of the cloud, introduces the three types of cloud infrastructures, and reviews the benefits of implementing cloud services.

(UCA) Understanding Cloud Architecture (UCA)
With the exponential growth in cloud utilization, it is imperative for an enterprise’s telecom team to understand the key components of cloud architecture. There are multiple levels of functionality, potential cost and infrastructure support that need to be evaluated at an operational level to determine what cloud solution makes the most sense for each enterprise. As enterprise adopters focus on scalability, security and unification, solid knowledge of the various areas of cloud architecture can ensure that a telecom team will provide the best recommendation for their enterprise cloud solution. This understanding of implementation needs, both business related and technical, can give a telecom team confidence in their ability to support their customers, as well as their internal and external business partners.

(CSX) Cloud Services: XaaS
This course provides details about the many “as a service” cloud solutions. It will provide the challenges of, and mitigations for, each type of service, and give considerations for choosing the right fit.

(CLM100) Introduction to Cloud Management
Migrating an enterprise’s technology to the cloud is an important transition that requires detailed decision making and organization. This course will provide participants with a better understanding of what cloud computing is and what the major management models can provide. Using terminology and concepts learned in this course, participants will be able to better, and more methodically, discuss the models which fit their enterprise.

(CLM101) Basics of Cloud Management
The cloud environment is a complex place that requires organizations to examine what their business needs are. This course will provide participants with a detailed breakdown of this environment, along with examples of the types of organizations that would use each model. Additionally, in this course, you will learn the basics of cloud provisioning models and how your organization should decide on which strategy to select.

(CLM102) Audit & Optimization for Cloud
Using knowledge gained from prior cloud management courses, this audit and optimization course shows learners the optimal cloud environment and teaches them fundamental roles and tasks within that environment. It also provides learners with a background on both technical and financial cloud audits. This course benefited from the assistance of Shauna Heydecker, National Sales Director with IQ Telecom. Her experience in telecom, mobility, and IT management contributed to the cloud auditing and optimization knowledge base this course provides.

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