Efficiency First® Framework Guidebook


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The Efficiency First® Framework Guidebook is for business and public sector organizations adopting Framework principles and service providers aligning products, services, and solutions with Framework principles. This Guidebook defines and outlines key principles and practices that help drive performance and efficiency which can be applied to existing practices and processes. In addition, the principles of the Efficiency First® Framework complement other business practices such as ITIL, Six Sigma, Lean Sigma, and TBM.
Updated in the first quarter of each calendar year to support technology, business and market changes, the guidebook includes:
• Framework Principles descriptions, definitions, and evaluation criteria
• Portfolio Areas descriptions, definitions, management considerations
• Focus Areas descriptions, definitions, and evaluation guidelines
• Practice Areas descriptions, definitions, and process development guidance
• Core Management Technologies descriptions, definitions, and use cases
• Stakeholder Groups descriptions, definitions, and role/responsibility profiles
• Performance Areas descriptions, definitions, and measurement criteria
• Continuous Improvement Approach descriptions, definitions, and adoption best practices

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