TEM Tools Bundle: Telecom Expense Management


Numerous organizations across the globe are struggling to perform Telecom Expense Management (TEM). Few are prepared to perform these TEM initiatives because they lack a clear plan and strategy.

This course demonstrates how to optimally perform TEM management. It features tools, guides, and actionable best practices for overcoming your obstacles.

Benefits for Enterprises: 

  • Determine the most common TEM mistakes made
  • Understand peer challenges as it relates to TEM
  • Mitigate risk by incorporating TEM best practices

Benefits for Vendors: 

  • Understand the most common TEM mistakes made
  • Incorporate best practices within your implementation processes
  • Use report as sales and marketing collateral
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The TEM Tools Bundle includes: 

  • Calculating TEM ROI: A Step-by-Step Guide: An ROI calculator designed to assist you in creating executive and management buy-in.
  • TEM/EMM Value Reporting: A financial, operational, and customer service-based guide to reporting value in your TEM/EMM environments.
  • TEM/EMM Program Implementation Checklist: A checklist to implementing a proper TEM/EMM program in your environment.
  • Planning for TEM Implementation: A guide to planning TEM implementation in your environment.
  • Selecting a TEM Vendor Guide: A comprehensive guide on how to select a TEM vendor.
  • Key Considerations for Outsourcing TEM: A consideration guide on how to outsource your TEM vendor.