GTT Analyst Webinar Licensing



AOTMP analyst webinar presentation – This session will be conducted via web/teleconference at a mutually agreed upon time and date. It is recommended that this webinar be schedule at GTT’s earliest convenience to keep the report and information fresh and current.

Delivery and timeframes

  • Webinar will be conducted by Kelly Teal, Senior Research Analyst with support from internal AOTMP Research group.
  • Timeframes for each engagement are as follows:
    • Webinar delivery to completed within 6-8 weeks maximum in accord with GTT’s schedule availability and event preparations.
    • AOTMP will like, share, and/or retweet or repost any information GTT provides in connection with the Analyst Webinar Licensing.
  • GTT will plan, outline, and will invite its customers. AOTMP makes no guarantee for the invitation or marketing of this webinar.

Terms and Conditions

  • AOTMP considers this product listing and online payment as acceptance of the terms in accordance with standard agreements.
  • AOTMP is billing GTT for an Analyst Webinar Licensing for the amount of $2,500 in United States Dollars.
  • Pricing and terms valid through June 14, 2019
  • Support from AOTMP Client Success Management will be available by phone and email from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday
  • This Agreement will be effective on the last date executed by clicking the “Checkout” button and finalization of payment

Intellectual Property

AOTMP’s analysis, methodologies, processes and Efficiency First® Framework are the sole intellectual property of AOTMP and may not be used, duplicated or shared without the prior written permission of AOTMP. The Efficiency First® Program, Efficiency First® Framework, Efficiency First® Engine, AOTMP® Experts, AOTMP® University and AOTMP® are registered trademarks of Evotem, LLC doing business as AOTMP. AOTMP, or its vendors, will retain ownership of the copyright(s) in any of AOTMP’s or its vendors’ works that pre-exist or were developed outside of this SOW (“pre-existing works”) and any modifications or enhancements of such works that may be made under this SOW; pre-existing works of AOTMP include AOTMP’s analysis, methodologies, industry and market segment benchmarks, reports, best practices, processes, Performance Index Scoring, Efficiency First® Ratings, Scoring calculations and comparisons, and the Efficiency First® Framework.


Client recognizes that the written deliverables, information and certain other materials delivered by AOTMP (hereinafter referred to as Copyrighted Information) are proprietary to AOTMP and are the subject of copyrights belonging to AOTMP. Copyrighted information may not be disclosed, disseminated, or distributed to any party outside of your business. No part of the Copyrighted information may be reproduced in any form or by any means whatsoever (except for internal use within your business by defined scope of work parameters) without the prior written permission of AOTMP. Information relating to both parties’ organizations and the information they provide under this agreement, including, without limitation, pricing, contractual, financial, and personnel information (“information”), is considered confidential to both parties.

Each party shall keep the other party’s information confidential, and shall instruct its employees, directors, and agents to keep such information confidential, using the same care and discretion with regard to the information as the receiving party uses with its own information, which it considers to be confidential. Prior to and during the Term hereof, Client may convey to AOTMP proprietary and confidential information about Client’ Services, services, strategy and analysis. For the Term of this Agreement (including renewals) and surviving thereafter, AOTMP shall not disclose to any third party any such information marked CONFIDENTIAL, PROPRIETARY, STRICTLY PRIVATE, or INTERNAL DATA, or which, though not so marked, could reasonably be construed as confidential or sensitive, such as the terms of this Agreement (all collectively “Confidential Information”), nor shall it use any such Confidential Information for its own benefit, except as provided herein. Any reliance on such Confidential Information is at AOTMP‘s own risk. Nothing in this Section grants or implies any rights by license, estoppel, or otherwise. Confidential Information does not include information (i) in the public domain at the time of disclosure or which enters the public domain after such disclosure through no fault of AOTMP, (ii) generally disclosed to third parties by Client without restriction, (iii) communicated to AOTMP by a third party with the unrestricted right to do so, or (iv) approved for release by Client in writing.


By transmitting this information and making payment, you are accepting these Terms and Conditions.