Mobility Audit & Optimization


This AOTMP® University Training Bundle includes eight (8) courses that offer foundational mobility audit and optimization best practices.


This AOTMP® University Training Bundle includes eight (8) courses that offer foundational mobility audit and optimization best practices.

(MSA) Mobile Service Analysis
The use of mobile devices for everyday business is increasing. This means that organizations need to take a new look at their data security policies, specifically those that allow the use of mobile devices to access corporate networks. Regardless of whether employees use their own devices or corporate issued devices, security will continue to be a challenge.

(MSS) Mobile Service Components
Mobile devices are extremely important to your telecom environment. Whether your company implements a BYOD program or not, chances are most, if not all, employees in your organization own or use a mobile device. This brief, introductory course breaks down the components of voice and data in relationship to your mobile environment.

(AMI100) Auditing Mobile Telecom Invoices
Auditing mobile telecom invoices may uncover billing errors that negatively impact the enterprise mobility management plan. This course demonstrates how to audit invoices for mobile voice and data telecom services.

(MIM) Auditing Best Practices: M2M/IoT Mobility Services
M2M and IoT are proliferating in interesting and unique ways. Because much of this technology is new, enterprises need to be aware of unique techniques that may apply to both physical and mobile inventory

(OME) Optimizing Mobile Environments
This course explores mobile environment components including equipment, coverage, and applications, as well as different types of plans that can be implemented within your mobile environment. Optimal cost per minute is also discussed.

(WAO) Wireless Service Audit and Optimization
Wireless service was once projected to be a niche market; however, in today’s business environment, nothing could be further from reality. With the advent of text messaging, downloads, internet access, and camera phone capabilities, the audit and optimization challenges that come with wireless service are often more complex than traditional wireline service. This course explores wireless service invoices and offers guidance for identifying errors and streamlining costs.

(CWS) Calculating Wireless Cost Savings
Wireless devices are continuing to grow in popularity. As a result, wireless device spend is increasing in many enterprises. This course addresses the successes and challenges of managing wireless devices and their expenses.

(CMM) Contract Management: Mobility
This course focuses on how to manage mobile contracts specifically. It is part of the Mobile Asset Management Fundamentals lifecycle in MMF under the management portion of the lifecycle. This is geared toward someone who needs to manage mobile contracts or understand the management of mobile devices in general.

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