Telecom Security


This AOTMP® University Training Bundle includes six (6) courses that offer foundational telecom security best practices.


This AOTMP® University Training Bundle includes six (6) courses that offer foundational telecom security best practices.
(TSO) Telecom Security: An Overview (TSO)
This course is an overview of telecom security. There are three main parts to telecom security: information, environmental/physical, and systems. This course will provide security considerations for non-security personnel as well as security considerations for telecom professionals. We will provide a heightened level of security and describe how it relates to telecom.

(UPR) Understanding Enterprise Telecom Security Plan Requirements
This course provides an overview of enterprise telecom security plan requirements and helps a telecom or program manager understand those requirements. It walks the project manager through the aspects of planning a telecom security roadmap and goes over regulations to consider, as well as other challenges associated with a security plan.

(MSP) Managing an Enterprise Telecom Security Plan
This course is an overview of managing a telecom security plan implementation. It walks the project manager through how to manage a project plan and what the phases are for implementing a telecom security plan. It provides details for common tasks and regulations to keep in mind and identify what other challenges come with managing a security plan.

(TSS) Telecom Security: Systems Security
Systems security covers any threat that usually results in data leakage or data forgery that allows for unauthorized access, DoS and DDoS attacks, malicious or abnormal traffic transfer to unauthorized systems, eavesdropping, interruption, system jamming, hijacking, and data gathering. Equipment software, firmware and hardware implementations need to be evaluated for vulnerabilities and weaknesses. It is very important to research all the telecom systems to look for vulnerabilities to take a proactive approach to mitigating those risks.

(TSE) Telecom Security: Environmental/Physical Security
This course is an overview of environmental and physical security. Environmental security covers environmental threats to telecom equipment. Physical security covers the protection of telecom personnel and equipment. This course provides best practices, standards and mitigation procedures to reduce risk; these explain the measures to consider to secure enterprise-wide equipment across the telecom network.

(TSI) Telecom Security: Information Security
While telecom data is not specifically named in all regulations, it is advisable to treat the data in the same regard as other data required to be secured and kept confidential. This course will show the important considerations for telecom information security. It will provide best practices and standards and show mitigation procedures for common security risks.

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