If you could make yourself more productive and valuable at work, would you do it? The obvious answer is yes – and the best part is that there’s no catch. To do this, all you need is professional technology training. After all, the results speak for themselves…

After completing a professional technology training program, employees typically generate more than 200% more income than their less-educated counterparts. Not to mention create the potential for a 24% higher profit margin, too. That’s because – according to the National Center on the Educational Quality of the Workforce – professional technology training is more than twice as effective as upgraded equipment at increasing worker productivity.

But these benefits are just the tip of what your professional technology training iceberg can be. Here are three reasons why you need to prioritize ongoing education going forward:

1. Growth & Engagement

Knowledge is an essential element of your career’s continued growth – and ongoing education is exactly what you need to overcome your most challenging obstacles. Without it, 40% of employees like you leave their position within the first year.

Thanks to the nature of the industry, this sentiment doesn’t stop at the senior level. In fact, 70% of today’s technology pros believe job-specific training and development opportunities are the primary influencer in where they choose to work – and how long they stick around. That’s because nearly three-quarters aren’t achieving their full potential yet.

But the advantages don’t stop there. Improved intelligence also inspires greater personal engagement and a more meaningful, emotional connection to the tasks you’re completing every day. And that’s important – engaged employees outperform their peers by more than 200%. Simply put, that’s my long-winded way of saying there’s no better investment you can make in your career growth than professional technology training!

2. Skills Development Success

Okay, I’ll admit that this benefit is pretty obvious. You can’t improve your skills without learning new things. What is surprising, however, is the workforce’s overall digital skills gap. Only one in ten U.S. employees feel they have the necessary skills to take advantage of the digital tools they rely on every day at work.

With statistics like this, it’s easy to understand why training is more valuable today than ever. And initial learning when starting a new job isn’t enough anymore – after all, technology-focused expertise’s effects are fading faster than ever (for some, it can happen over the span of just a few years).

To keep pace with enterprise technology’s evolution, professionals like you need continuous education opportunities. Otherwise, you won’t be able to achieve the career path you currently envision.

3. Improved Performance

Professional technology training gives you a greater understanding of your role, its responsibilities, and how you can achieve success. In turn, this inspires confidence – leading to better performance and, inevitably, the leadership opportunities you desire.

Training also helps you overcome existing weaknesses and knowledge gaps to solve problems and function more independently. And every boss loves an employee that they don’t need to micromanage at every step. With enough upskilling, you can even help your organization create innovative new products, services, and customer experiences that pay off big-time for everyone involved.

Make Your Professional Technology Training Dream Today’s Reality

It’s no secret that enterprises have struggled to justify training investment ROI for years. After all, success looks different from one business to the next – and there’s any number of potential metrics and measurements you can use to prove its value.

The bottom line, however, is that you can’t advance your career until you take the leap. There’s always a million reasons to justify why you shouldn’t act now – but today is the time to start focusing on why you should. If not, someone else will take advantage of the opportunity to leapfrog you on the professional ladder.

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